Facial expressions

I havent always been a body language follower, but it is handy when judging the merit of someone trying to tell or sell you something.

Take Scott Morrison's recent probing interview with Tracey Grimshaw where the PM was grilled (a rarity) about a well publicised rape victim, that frankly left me angry. The attempted smile on the PM's face seemed more of a SMIRK as he unconvincingly ducked and weaved questions.

Now before I get trampled in the rush to call it my political bias, I didnt vote for this person/party and after that interview doubt if I ever would, but I think the PM should not underestimate the voting power of countless women who I think he offended and failed dismally.

With a staff of 55 people (what in the hell do they all do??) one would think with the PM constantly referred to and the flack he is copping over similar issues, one of these staffers would have made a phone call or even arranged a discrete meeting.

What do you think?


Charlie, as a man it is extremely presumptuous of you to pontificate on what YOU think women think!

Charlie has asked for an opinion. Surely it does not matter whether you are male or female

Oh yes it does, Gezzar.

Definitely agree, an arrogant smirk at that. What a callous and heineous individual he is.

So now you are judged on your "looks" pretty shallow in my opinion!

Those who set themselves up as expert in so called body language and make assumptions based on facial expressions really need to re-assess themselves - have someone record you and see how you pull up!

Agree. It is dangerous to "read" someone's body language unless you are an expert in that subject. Also, if you do not like that person you can bring your bias to the issue

Facial expressions, you've got to be kidding, like who cares.

It's very easy to sit on the other side of the fence and critise.... so who would make a better leader then - Shorten, Albo or maybe Bandt ...... god help us.

 Charlie, you claim a meeting should have been arranged discretely.  I didn't watch the interview but I understand he made an approach for some of the leaders of the 'group' to meet in his office.  They declined.  This indicates to me that they wanted him on the stage where they could abuse and attack him.  They had their oppoprtunuty so let it go.

Rather than be negative, how about stating what you think should be done and how that interfaces with our current system of law.

With the COVID immunisation program, the recovery initiatives needed to restart the global economy, increased aggression from China and its impact on global security, climate change issues, human rights issues (including genocide in Myanmar, China etc.) I am surprised that the PM would be expected to have an intimate knowledge of what happens in Parliament House. Only the ABC would want to crucify him over that.

I sincerely hope that he is far too involved in these big picture issues to have to worry about how to respond to a biased reporter on issues that others should be dealing with.

I do realise the importance to those who have suffered from the bad behaviour embedded in the political culture, but surely there is someone amongst the massive body of public servants that we taxpayers fund with more relevant expertise to resolve the many issues involved in this.

The ABC no longer serves its purpose as an unbiased reporter. It disagrees with the accepted rule of law regarding presumption of innocence as shown in its denigration of Pell and now Christian Porter, neither of whom have been found guilty of any crime.

What a petty, selfish, introverted civilisation we are becoming when we lose sight of what is important to the world's population because we have a few of our own who have not received a fair deal. They are still better off than most and, putting it into perspective, shouldn't a measured and appropriate response be within the capabilities of the staff of managers who run the various government departments. Morrison is not responsible for the existence of the sick culture of entitlement that has existed there for decades. Let him get on with the job he was elected for.

I can't beleive with all of his staff and the other minesters staff he is never told anything (especially if it is negative to the government).  This right out of johnny howards play book.  My wife says if his lips are moving he is lying.

Shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic did nothing to save the ship.  His latest shuffle wont save his government.  We deserve better.

Certainly got the male liberal voters commenting. Scomo is Australia's worst PM after Abbott. He doesn't have a clue about women's issues and his advisers obviously are the same otherwise he would be getting better advise. 

If an election were held tomorrow Morrison would be elected because all those saying boot him out would vote for him. If you don't like the present government, vote them out when the time arrives. End of story!!!


I certainly will not voting for Liberals to go. Not sure who yet as Labor haven't really stepped up to the plate yet.


Smile to Smirk picture, by Drivenslush for: double emotions photoshop  contest - Pxleyes.com


Charliel, on the left you see a smile and on the right a smirk, know the diff.

Charlie, I do agree that body language and facial expressions tell you a hell of a lot about people --- like you say it can be a big help when sizing someone up,  I have always been big on this as well and I have said this from day one with Morrison, he has a smirk --FOR SURE -- he has a VERY arrogant expression and way about him -- in fact, when the election was on I said to a friend that we would be saying Heil soon enough.

Facial expressions and body language are normally automatic and that's the way police etc sus out many people too

He is a typical salesman -- says lots but does SBA

Eyes are the window to the soul, they are my guide as to whether one tells the truth or being a proper A-H

What if you're blind??

It is not only the smirks, but it is also the downright arrogance and refusal to answer any questions and the ducking and weaving -- we want ANSWERS and transparency.

Regarding face and body reading -- what do you think criminologists use!

Morrison is nothing more than a salesman -- or a preacher

Charlie, can I suggest you change your name - Charlie is the lion with the mane, Charlene is the one without the mane bro

Lion and Lioness – Paint By Numbers

Under normal circumstances I would say yes this is correct, but with the world changing, there is a new rule entering this common knowledge.


Female lions growing manes are well documented now.

Thanks for that info Beemee, I was not aware of thatm something strange is going on in the animal world

Yes its quite scary with what is happening in the animal world, they are doing things that they never used to do. Another I saw but can't remember where, lions were actively hunting down elephants, something they never did. The world is turning on its head, and if it keeps going, we may end up with something similar to Zoo (a 3 season tv series where animals hunted and ate people).


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