Expanded travel bubble not far away, says the PM

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has hinted that an expanded travel bubble may not be far away.

The PM said the trans-Pacific bubble could include destinations such as Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga and/or the Solomon Islands.

“We are very focused on supporting our Pacific family, and the idea of a bubble that goes beyond New Zealand and Australia is a real possibility,” he said.

Fiji was very close to a quarantine-free travel arrangement with Australia before suffering a COVID-19 outbreak last month, says Travel Weekly.

Qantas Group chief Alan Joyce is “excited” and “optimistic” about any mention of a trans-Pacific travel bubble in the near future.

“We have the aircraft and we have the people,” he said.

“The more bubbles the better, because we can activate more aircraft, get more people back to work and help the tourism industries in the countries that are very dependent on tourism.”

Which of these nation's would you be most liekly to visit?


There is NO way I would be visiting ANY place or flying in ANY darn plane at this stage, this is another Morrison  idiot idea

PlanB - I think the only expanding bubble is in his head.  I wouldn't dream of travelling outside Australia now or in the near future because people are not taking precautions, especially the younger generation. You only have to see people holding rallies and refusing to be masked. This virus is in  here for the long run.

It sure is HOLA

It's not the virus you need to worry about after all it's only a flu.  

If you get the vax you'll be destroying your own immune system.

This is not a conspiracy theory but advice given by some of the best qualified specialists in that field of medicine.

Yet thousands of others who are, "best qualified specialists in that field of medicine" advise that the vaccine is what should be given. Actually the VAST MAJORITY.

There are so many mixed messages no one knows what to believe  -- and therefore I am NOT having the vaccination at this time   plus these vaccinations are not much good against the new and worse virus

Australians love travel and this is good news for those of us who wish to return to Vanuatu, Fiji and other Pacific islands. There will always be those who are negative by nature, especially if the government proposes something. I wonder if that negativity will still be there should "each-way" Albo agree to support the government in this proposal.

Why make it political?


You just have to use your own brain and make up your own mind -- you don't have to be TOLD what to do -- especially those fools that are ignorant and have NO idea, fancy putting your life in their hands

You know Greg, you don't really have the courage of your convictions. If you also challenged PlanB and HOLA for making this political you would be more believable. It seems you are happy for anyone to rubbish the PM but as soon as anyone dares criticise "each-way" Albo you feel obliged to make a comment. 

Seems to me too many people listen to too many forums - be it social or regular media. I prefer to ask the advice of my GP regarding my medical needs. 

None of these countries are on my list.  In the meantime I am a saving alot of money through not being allowed to travel.  I am not interested in adding to my material possessions as I have been replacing something when it wears out for the past few years.   I have already visited most parts of Australia and want to see my close friends in Russia, Kazakhstan and Poland.  I am also overdue to see my dentist in Thailand (I like their system and was due to see my dentist late last year).

I have had my first jab and the second is due in mid July.  I had them in the hope that I would be traveling sometime after July of this year. 

I had to see my Colorectal surgeon for my 6 month checkup following a CT Scan - thank goodness all was clear. I then asked him, "Please Doctor, I would like your honest  opinion about getting the CoVid jab", he sat back in his chair and said , "My dear HOLA, I have had the jab, every Doctor in this hospital has had the jab, my elderly parents have had the jab and the rest of my family are getting the jab, so I urge you to get it, it is so important that we stamp out this horrible virus. If you were unlucky to get the virus it could kill you if you have a low immune system, and not only that, you could pass it on to the rest of your family and friends" Well I think I've made up my mind now and I'm going to get it. 




Well I have been told to wait and see as my lungs are working at only 40%



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