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Yesterday was very warm here in Sydney about 24c. I noticed there were a lot of Ants all over the patio. I remember reading that the best way to get rid of the Ants is to take a spray bottle, add 6 teaspoons of Borax to a good squirt of Honey and add some warm water, shake the bottle and apply it to the areas the Ants were. After about 1/2 an hour later I went out to inspect and there wasn't any trace of Ants there. 

Interesting, thanks Hola.


We had similar weather about five weeks ago, the weather pattern has gone crazy, the Chinese Tallow tree just lost its leaves and ten days later it is starting to flower its leaves.  Now it has been raining cats and dogs, the more plants are confused.

33 Amazing Rain Animated Gif Images - Best Animations

Can anyone suggest a safe weed Killer-- I will not use Monsanto or any form of glyphosate-I just want to kill weeds but do not want to poison other critters or the soil --- I have tried Slasher but weeds were back in a few weeks


Thanks what I want to know too Plan B.

Depending on the amount of the weed and where it is you can put boiling water over the weed.



Thanks, Celia -- trouble is with my sized yard and area the water would be cold and also gone b4 I got anywhere near my garden -- I have done the boiling water thing on my front path from my front door but that's about as far as it would last  I have tried   SLASHER  but that is not cheap and the weeds are back in a week

My driveway gets weeds down either side and it is 100 feet long so that's 200 feet and then the rest of my yard which is a double block area


I used to pull all the weeds then water and put newspaper all over and then mulch on top -- that stoped them for a good amount of time -- but I am unable to do such now



Have you tried salt PlanB. 

I occasionally spread a bag of pool salt over the pavers ... seems to work well.

Yes ok for the path but not good for the gardens -- it would kill every as salt in the soil is deadly.


Yep, I know PlanB ... my pavers/gravel areas don't flow into any nearby garden areas so it is quite effective for me.

I have the same issue now with weeds, I just go out for pulling them for 30 minutes then come back inside and lay on the bed!  LOL

I am finding the older the weed before it seeds is the easiest to pull out!



Boiling water from your kettle. Or I think vinegar works too. Search the internet for recipes.

Some weeds you can eat ,weeds only grow where there is nothing else or to repair the ground, so fill it the spot with something else.

I did a lot of weeding last couple of days, mainly pulled out grass.


On a happier note ... some frangipanis from my garden last year to brighten the day ...

Lovey RnR and they smell so lovely --


Your yours flowering already RnR?  Mine are only just dropping their leaves!  

Does Queensland have a longer flowering time?

Our plants are flying due north and get a lot of sunshine even now in Perth with all the rain and cold wind.


LOL Celia ... my post said

some frangipanis from my garden last year to brighten the day ...

I always imagined Queensland would be ahead of us down here near Perth RnR.

When we drive up to Kalbarri and further north it always seems to be in flower!

I only started to plant one about six years ago from the Orchid Nursery the mother plant was about 7m tall!  I have made other plants from it and they grow like triffids too.  Their flower is like a Fruit Salad.


Frangipani fruit salad

I have a pinkish one too celia, but sadly it doesn't have any fragrance.

I love the Frangapani flowers. Mine is still losing it's leaves. It seems to be very slow developing flowers. Sometimes after Christmas. Mine is a lovely Pink one and as you said RnR it doesn't have any perfume.  I had one at my old house which was Apricot and smelt like Passionfruit. I only wish I had taken a cutting before moving on. 

My all time favourite flowers, i can smell them from here lol

The Fruit salad flowers are really strong in their fragrance.

I had about 4 different colors but the white ones were the only ones that had a smell -- sadly those have died because where they were was now not getting enough sun



I have purchased this type of Salvia, never tried it before usually use just the bright red.

So I shall see how it goes in our soil the red seems to like the position.


Vista Mix Salvia Seeds from Park Seed


I am still having a snail battle so I have to keep up with them a couple of times a day besides snail pellets and coffee!

Celia -- I worry about the pellets -- ( don't get bothered with snails here as I have the blue tongues and they eat them)  -- try the beer and then when the birds eat them they will not be poisoned by the pellets

See here



Yes I worried about the pellets also, but I have indoor cats, so the two tom cats that annoy them and us can just run away if they don't like the pellets.   I am fed up feeding the snails with my seedlings, however, by the time I poor water over the pellets, after the snails have munched on the pellets there are not much left of them, I keep an eye on both the flowers and the snails, I was surprised yesterday how many dead snails I had left.  We were meant to have had a heavy downpour of rain but it never happened.

We don't have any lizards in this area.



Celia,  But it is the birds that eat the snails that have eaten the pellets and that kills the birds as well that why the beer is good no harm is done


I always worry about the poisions that are put around,  as if a native critter eats the poisoned one it also dies and we have to protect our wildlife --it is fast becoming endangered


Here is an interesting article about snail pellets:


Yes Incognito all these chemicals are so dangerous to the wildlife -- that includes birds and insects as well -- and also humans if it gets in the soil you grow food in -- always better to use a natural thing -- and they say beer is good and it will not harm the wildlife

Farmers also use such awful things such as round up and it is killing their soils now

Some people don't seem to give a darn about the wildlife --sadly

Roundup should be banned, I cannot believe they sell it in supermarkets where food is sold! There was a petition awhile back for Bunnings, Woolworths and Coles to ban it but looks like nothing evenuated. Trouble is once it is banned Monsanto/Bayer have already got another possilby more deadly chemical ready. GMO's are also a worry. Nature has been going along nicely for thousands of years until man started interferring for the benefit of faster, bigger and so called better crops to make more profits faster. 

Lets get back to basics and grow natural non-hybrid foods.

I have decided to join this topic, because I love gardening, have nothing to contribute today but will keep an eye out.

Look forward to your contribution Incognito. 

Thanks Celia, I am more of a veggie and herb gardener, but love to learn more about natives and eating weeds. I like to eat dandelion flowers and nasturtium leaves and flowers.

Incognito -  A neighbour of ours used to eat Dandelion weeds from the garden, he said the leaves

were good for people with Diabetes. I have seen Dandelion Coffee in the supermarket, I suppose

it's the same thing. 


The coffee is made from the rhizome and is a directic, fresh leaves are very high in nutrients. I have read a couple of books recently about weeds, even my mum said they ate dandelion leaves in Europe.


I have a new flowering plant in my garden, popped up some time ago but it is now flowering, it has big broad leaves and beautiful flowers, it is similar to a Heuchera, been searching the web to find out about it. Will have to try and get a photo up.

Maybe take a photo and post it --

Just looked it up, Heuchera and it reminds me of a Rex Begonia!



Variety of coral bells (Heuchera sanguinea), overhead view, close-up

Sunday, 13 September 2020 ...

One of my azalea bushes is in full bloom today — enjoy your Sunday everyone.

Nice display  Download Smiley HD PNG Download Free HQ PNG Image | FreePNGImg

Wow - That is absolutely stunning, I've never seen an Azalea which is multi coloured.  ?

Lucky you RnR to enjoy such beauty, must be in the right spot and getting all it needs. Thanks for sharing.

Hola ... the flowers start out deep pink and then fade to nearly white very quickly.

What a wonderful show of colour RnR the bush is spectacular.   

Lovey RnR you must have a  'Sport' as it has different colors on one plant I also have one like that -- my camellias are not out as yet but he Azalias are




That reminds me of the news about Harry planting for-get-me knots in rememberance of Diana, the only trouble is they were not 'forget-me-knots'!  LOL

200+ Best Forget me not images in 2020 | forget me not, flowers, blue  flowers 

What a 'Forget-me-knot' looks like!

The photo shows petunia!  LOL

Growing Petunias: Tips For Petunia Care



And off to spray them this morning!


Gardening Cartoons

I hope you are using Slasher and not that toxic Roundup Celia, I just pull my weeds out when the ground is damp.


I pull my weeds out when the soil is try which has been up to yesterday, it has been raining a lot over here today.  However, I was shouted yesterday afternoon about the pathing, and husband used the toxic weed killer, I kept away and I kept the cats away.    He is meant to keep away and protect himself.  But the weeds were getting bigger!


Slasher is an organic and effective weed killer. Yes saw that WA had a lot of rain, watch out for the snails and slugs which come out when it is wet.

I did lots of tree cutting last couple of days to try and get more light into my garden, sadly a branch fell on my newly discovered Maderense Gernanium plant, seems okay but not looking quite as perky.

Oh dear poor Maderense Geranium!  Can you give them a diluted Thrive to help it? 

Do you have a flower of this Geranium Incognito?

Yes these plants do love their sunshine, makes such a big different, if I have flowers on the alfresco I have to keep changing them from the different location by the water tank otherwise they will die.  

Especially the pansies.      Growing Pansies: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Pansy Flowers: The Old  Farmer's Almanac



Getting back to the plant I have that I thought might be a Heuchera, well it is not, I had a neigbour walk past who is a member of the local garden club and asked me what it was! She is going to take a photo and ask the other members, so it must be rare. Looking at it again the leaves are different than a Heuchera and has little flowers that have a lot of stems and slightly furry on the stems too. 

Can't work out how to get a photo that I take on here yet.


Incog in reply to your post about

'Roundup should be banned, I cannot believe they sell it in supermarkets where food is sold!'

All the farmers that grow the wheat/barley/and all,  this is all in the wheat and such that is fed to the cattle as well -- use that blasted Monsanto Roundup many times while the crops are growing and we are eating it in our bread and such --and the many things that are made from it.

Makes me wonder if that may be the cause of a lot the cancers around these days --

I agree with you it should be banned

People have tried to petition Woolworths, Coles and Bunnings to ban the sale of Roundup, but it is still in the shops, why I ask are they allowed to sell a cancer causing agent, a poison that is dangerous?

It has already been proven to have cancer causing agents, but so do many other things that are still sold. I think it all adds up and accumulates in humans and is definately contributing to the world wide increase in cancers.

Bunnings are still selling Roundup, I saw a whole shelf of them at the local store today.

Mystery solved!! My kind neighbour left a note in my letter box today to tell me my beautiful plant is a MADERENSE GERANIUM!! And it self seeds, so who knows where it came from:

Geranium maderense – Plant Profile Care and Growing Conditions

Like the name suggests Geranium maderense  (picture right) are originally from ‘Madeira’ and although a spectacular plant when in flower this large growing geranium has its idiosyncrasies.

Sometimes called the ‘Giant Cranesbill’  this is a biennial rather than a perennial plant, however it tends to behave like a perennial in good conditions. It is a species that grows well in a frost free environment.

It is in summer when the plant is covered with masses of bright pink flowers that it is most admired. However its palmate foliage is also attractive, a good mid to pale green and the large leaves add texture to the garden.

The largest of all of the geraniums this one is from the canary islands. Flowering form spring to mid simmer this one may take a year or two to flower, but is well worth the wait. For its spectacular large head of flowers. Large green fern like foliage, flowers are usually pink although a white form Geranium maderense ‘White Guernsey’ is available, but rare. Both forms will reach about 1m.

Geranium maderense Care

In its natural environment Geranium maderense is an understory plant and it will grow well beneath both evergreen and deciduous trees.

Try growing these is part shade in a humus rich moist soil but well drained. Little extra care is needed, they do not seem to require much fertilizer.

Over time the older foliage tends to droop towards the ground. Gardeners do like to prune plants, however these  leaf stalks (petioles) should be left as its part of the plants survival mechanism, they support they plant.

From seed or seedling it will take around three years to flower, and then it will die, well worth the wait as it is spectacular, however you really need to have a few of these in the garden to ensure an ongoing display from year to year. As they self seed, if you take care of the seedlings you will have not problems.



That is not a photo of my plant, but taken off the internet site I got the info from. Hopefully I can get lots of seedlings pop up and I can share the plant.

Sadly it will die soon from what I read above.

Looks spectacular ... enjoy it while you can and good luck with propagation.

Thanks RnR.

That is pretty!

Last week I put a punnet of mini Hi Dolly Dahlias in, hope they don't get eaten by anything!! 




So lovely, reminds me how Harriet the Galapagos tortoise favourite food was Hibiscus flowers. Will the possums eat flowers, I wonder.

That is something we don't have to worry about Possums here.   

Oh the Tortoise ate the hibiscus!  LOL  We don't have any of those either.


How I put in a photos!

Open up Word and insert a photo onto the page.

The highlight this, cut it and then down load it into the Thread.

With ctrl V  [key]  [this is one of my Gerbera plants from 2 years ago]


Thanks Celia, what a beautiful flower.

Thanks Incognito!

I have been very busy pulling out the self seeded flowers and weeds the last few days to let the Gerbra plants have some room!  I have been splitting them up too, put on blood and bone and water them with some Thrive and I am getting some strong healthy stems now with more big blooms.

I got them some years ago when I used to be an editor of a gardening club.  

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