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<div>Happy Gardening during Christmas and New Year Gardeners, hope your produce, flowers and other plants thrive.</div>

The 7 Top Things To Do In Your Garden This December | Garden Care

Queen of the Night 

[not my photo]


My epiphyllum oxypetalum, aka "Queen of the Night," blooms for one night  each summer. That happened tonight. : IndoorGarden

Golf cartoon and garden cartoon. Using a golf bag to carry gardening tools

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Autumn Colours

Red Autumn Tree Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

I just love Autumn the best Season of all. Such wonderful colours of the trees and flowers. 

Amazon.com : Autumn Fire Weeping Japanese Maple 3 - Year Live Plant : Maple  Trees : Garden & Outdoor

Autumn colours - Yarramalong Valley, NSW, AUSTRALIA | Day trips, Fall  travel, Trip

Autumn Foliage Archives - Trazy Blog

PHOTOS: Autumn around regional Australia | St George & Sutherland Shire  Leader | St George, NSW

Beautiful autumn photos, thanks Celai.


Winter Crops To Plant In Autumn - Australian Handyman Magazine

Winter Crops To Plant In Autumn

 ⁄ GARDEN ⁄  FRUITS & VEGETABLES ⁄  WINTER CROPS TO PLANT IN AUTUMNGet seeds in the ground in autumn to enjoy during the cold monthsWords: Cheryl Maddocks

Winter Crops To Plant In Autumn


The cool autumn weather provides ideal working conditions for gardening.

The soil is still warm for planting and the time is right to grow vegies to eat in the coming months. All you need to produce a good crop is a sunny, sheltered position.

Before planting, it’s important to add manure or compost to your soil. This will keep it in good shape and help your vegetables thrive.

Fork the manure or compost into the soil and give it a good rake, making sure it’s smooth and crumbly, then water well.

Mulch around the vegies to reduce evaporation and prevent weeds using lucerne hay, sugar cane or pea straw.

TIP You can grow climbing peas and spring onions in containers, using a premium potting mix.


In addition to tasting terrific, peas are full of nutrients and are high in fibre.

They contain vitamins B1, B2, C and K and folic acid, plus are rich in magnesium, iron and potassium.

If your children are reluctant to eat store-bought peas, encourage them to grow their own and eat them raw. The pod and the peas of snow peas and sugar snaps can be eaten.

You can also grow dwarf or climbing peas, which can be cultivated on a teepee, a paling fence or on a frame made from upright timber posts covered in chicken wire.

SOW peas now and throughout winter. In very cold areas, frost will kill the flowers, so sow in late winter. Dampen the soil with water the day before sowing and keep it damp.

Sow the seeds directly where they are to grow, making a furrow twice as deep as needed and scatter plant food along the base. Cover this with soil so it won’t burn the seeds, then plant the peas on top.

WATER regularly once the seeds have germinated.

FEED fortnightly with a soluble plant food when flowers first appear.

HARVEST every few days to keep the plants flowering for longer.

In the kitchenFresh peas marry well with pumpkin in a risotto.Toss fresh peas, fresh herbs, red onion, olive oil and goat’s cheese through your favourite pasta for a great taste.Lightly stir-fry snow peas with garlic and ginger, season with sesame oil and soy sauce and top with sesame seeds.Make a tasty soup for lunch with fresh peas and mint.peas in the garden, handyman  magazine,Climbing peas take up less space but need to be supported


Once there was a beautiful woman who loved to work in her vegetable garden, but no matter what she did, she couldn't get her Tomatoes to ripen. Admiring her neighbour's garden which had beautiful red Tomatoes, she went one day to enquire of him, his secret. "It's really quite simple", the old man explained, "Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, I expose myself in front of the Tomatoes and they turn red with embarrassment". Desperate for the perfect garden she tried his advice and proceeded to expose herself to her plants, twice a day. Two weeks passed and her neighbour stopped to check her progress. "So" he asked, "Any luck with the Tomatoes?" "No", she replied excitedly, "But you should see the size of my Cucumbers!".

LOL Hola.

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