End the confusion about who can get which vaccine, plead doctors

With expanded supplies of the Pfizer vaccine arriving, state and federal governments must urgently clarify eligibility criteria, says the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), citing inconsistencies across borders.

The plea comes after several changes to eligibility and different criteria depending on where a person lives, which the RACGP says has resulted in considerable confusion.

For example, in Western Australia, anyone over the age of 30 is eligible to receive a Pfizer vaccine, while anyone over the age of 16 can get that same vaccine in the Northern Territory and some rural areas of South Australia. In Greater Sydney, patients who have had their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine are now being encouraged to consider having their second dose at six weeks rather than at 12 weeks.

In addition, the government announced on 28 June that any Australian aged under 60 can receive the AstraZeneca vaccine after talking through their options with their GP. The RACGP says this is only applicable to Commonwealth sites such as general practices, not state-based vaccine hubs, creating even more confusion about where people can get their vaccine.

RACGP president Dr Karen Price says it’s time for consistent messaging from governments.

“The RACGP is calling on the federal, state, and territory governments to make it crystal clear who currently has access to which vaccine and where they can get them,” she says.

“Patients across Australia are suffering from ‘information overload’ and confused about their eligibility status and what next steps they should take. The goalposts seem to be shifting every other day.

“Different states and territories might need different eligibility settings for perfectly good reasons to suit the local context and needs, such as what we are currently seeing in Greater Sydney. However, practices administering vaccines in locations where the state eligibility requirements differ from the federal eligibility requirements are shouldering an unnecessary burden.

“It is wasting time and causing unnecessary pain for practice teams at a time when they are busier than ever doing the job of rolling out COVID-19 vaccines as quickly as possible, while also continuing regular care for their patients."

Dr Price says governments must work together through national cabinet to ensure that each jurisdiction’s eligibility criteria are clearly available to all vaccine providers and patients, and information needs to be updated immediately as changes occur.

She also reinforced the view that Astra Zeneca was a sound option when compared to the risks of COVID, especially for more vulnerable patients including older people. "The second dose, in particular, is essential to protect against severe hospitalisation, severe illness and death," she says.

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The whole thing has been complete stuff up, no one seems to have a clue but keep on giving advice, which does not give anyone any faith at all

We know that AZ can cause blood clots, yet they advise people older than 60 to have the AZ. Sounds crazy to me when I think older people would have a bigger risk of a blood clot. Whereas the Pfizer vaccine hasn't caused problems to date and they recommend this one for younger people. What's going on, are they trying to wipe out the older generation?

it might seem crazy if you think older people have a bigger risk however ATAGI think older people have lower risk than those under 60.


The TGA is also monitoring reports of suspected heart conditions myocarditis and pericarditis possibly linked to Pfizer.

LOL that would not surprise me one bit Tin Tin

Many of us are on blood thinners, does that give us immunity??

You should be talking to your GP about this patti.

Most people over 60 are healthy and active. It's wrong to force them to have the AstraZeneca vaccine which can kill or destroy health. I suffered extreme anxiety leading up to my first AZ jab nearly 3 weeks ago and have been nervous ever since knowing the blood clot problem can occur any time over a 4 week period or possibly longer. I just read a story about a previously healthy 80 year old woman in WA who developed the clotting disorder and brain bleeds weeks after receiving her first AZ jab. Now months later (she was vaccinated in March) she has bad headaches, no balance, deteriorated vision and hearing and has developed diabetes. She takes 20 pills a day. She is urging the government to give over 60s the choice to have the Pfizer. We should have the choice. We are being treated as less important than younger people and nursing home residents who were given Pfizer. The Morrison government has let everyone down on every level with its vaccine fiasco and I hope it pays the price at the next election. I envy New Zealand folk who have been so much better led and cared for by their government. 

Yes it would be ideal but naive  for us to think that we could be the only country in the world to nail this thing 100% right each and every time.  What have we got here ...a new unknown strain of highly infectious virus with no off the shelf vaccine ,originating from where we don't know ( or not being told). and  other  countries  now experiencing re infections.

Meanwhile  back in Australia a Federal System which dictates so many " bosses and individual state bias " leading to a haven of misinformation and confusion.

What do we really expect..out of all this?. Guess in the end we have to find someone to blame for something of our own making which has sadly become the new Aussie way.



Yes... Aussies are the new whingers in all this. I agree with you Bakka!

I really wish the negative nellies would give it a REST ! No government could have done better. Neither Albanese nor Morrison are scientists, neither knew anything about the vaccines. The present government tried to do what it could with the knowledge they had at the start. How was anyone to know the AZ vaccine would prove more suitable for older people? 

Stop the darn blame game, get on with what you have to do. Get vaccinated, and put a zip on it. So now some are blaming the government for their "anxiety levels"....grow a hide for goodness sake!

PS:  We are very lucky we live in a country where so much consideration is given to older people. In a nutshell, we are not as important as the young people.

Without healthy young people, we have NO workforce...have the whiners stopped to think of that?? No I guess not, they are wrapped up in their selfish, take it all attitude! 


If older people are more likely to suffer extreme effects or die from Covid, then why not give them the vaccine with higher effectiveness, ie Pfizer, to prevent these outcomes.  Also, why not give Pfizer to immune compromised people of any age, because their level of immunity after vaccine may be lower than normal.

Maybe the real reason Morrison's government insisted on Astra Zenica for over 60s is economic: use up the excess stocks of Astra Zenica to those who have less years to live, give it to over 60s most of whom aren't working and paying tax, and of course this saves money.

Poor form from Morrison when he got the Pfizer vaccine, in my mind he took that dose from someone who needed it more. 

Thank goodness there's an election coming up where he will wear the wrath of those he's hurt.


ScoMo can be considered to have had my 'vaccine', as I won't be having it, although eligible at 72, so forget the finger-pointing at him!

This vaccine has not been out long enough and so they know darn all about it -- vaccines take years to get worked out right there are many that have had bad reactions and I have read where the reactions can happen a LONG way down the track.

I would like to have the vaccine and KNOW I am safe but there are so many mixed messages and the vaccine not being out long enough to know what the hell it does, no way I am risking it,  at this time


If you intend to get the 'jab', don't be confused, simply check your eligibility here:


All this fuss and bother is worse than WWll or Polio! I'm a pragmatic, and (my wife says) grouchy, old ex-Scotsman who is fed up with the continual over-reaction worldwide. People live, people die of all kinds of ailments and, in a few cases, remedies. You're more likely to be killed on the roads.... And here we are in the midst of another ridiculous panic, with supermarket queues clogging the aisles as idiots grab excess toilet roll supplies. With four cases out of a 1.75 million population, why is the entire community in lockdown and being exhorted to all get Covid tested? It's mad!

Well said BillW41.


I don't know what the hell these young ones would do if they had the WW2 and OR the depression -- when they can't handle this FGS



There is a lot of confusion in these posts and perhaps too many people are paying attention to media outlets that seem to be playing down the risks of Covid but at the same time playing up the risks of vaccination.

Overseas experience shows clearly that being vaccinated greatly reduces the chance of getting Covid altho' doesn't totally stop that possibility from happening. It does however dramatically reduce the effects that Covid will have if you are vaccinated.

There are risks in everything we do in life but the risk of blood clots from Astra-Zeneca are very small indeed but the media love a bad news story and have really concentrated on those very few cases. 

A lot of the problems stem from an absolutely shambolic roll out of the vaccines with the States stepping in, again, trying to protect their citizens. Too much politics are being played to protect those who refuse to accept responsibility for their lack of positive action.  

A nurse friend of mine says she is seeing a lot of people coming in from reactions from AZ, this is a huge worry. There is more than one vax yet Australians are not been given enough choice. Considering that if you even get covid (low chance in Australia) you have 99.98% chance of recovery I am not sure that taking a vax with any risk of blood clots or anything else outweighs anything. And people are still catching covid even after being vaccinated. So yes a lot of confusion about the effectiveness and safety.

Yes Incognito,  makes me very unsure as I have a health problem myself and am sure at this time I do not want to risk these vaccines at all -- and I am NOT anti-vaccine

I'm not anti-vax. I had my first AZ a few weeks ago, along with my flu jab - no ill effects from either. Second AZ due in a week or two.

It had been said to have a few weeks between the Flu and the Covid,  BillW41

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