Emergency! Help anyone please.....

We have just spent $800 having film put on our family room windows and sliding doors as the room faces the sun....
One of our cats insists on scratching the sliding door to go in and out said door. Yes a cat door would be good advice but I am scared of mice and frogs and they might find one and bring it in the door. This is why we cannot leave the door open. The one furry meows and I rush and open the door for him but typical contrary female just scratches the glass.
I have tried a big pool long also of vinegar as this was a tip. Did it help? NO They just walked straight through it.
Just now I put alfoil wide and long covering the top step....but did that stop her? NO she and her brother are out there sitting on said alfoil which cats are supposed to hate walking on :(
I do not want to put anything out or on anything will hurt them. I was told pepper but will not do that in case it harms them.
Anyone have any ideas. Maybe tried?


Well a cat door would be logical , is there another window or door it could be fitted to and you may just have to get used to the possibility of a frog or a mouse or just carry on knowing the film will be scratched. Other than that keep opening the door for them or find a new loving home for them.

Sounds like your kits are causing a problem. You could get some compressed air - aerosol can and maybe the noise would be enough to stop them. Other than that I think maybe only a physical barrier - perhaps a bit of perspex fixed to the area where they scratch? Not such a good look though.

Thanks for that Bev. We adore both our cats as you know :)

They are wonderful it is just this one thing Vienna feels she needs to do to alert us she wants to come in and kind of knocks on the door re scratching er her being a cat.

Peter came up with the idea of a piece screen too wobbly for her to stand on and far enough from the back glass sliding door to reach to scratch. Great minds think alike Bev. as you also were on the same track.

See you in chat soon?

Of course, we love our little beasties - my dog has cost me quite a bit, while she was a puppy. But you do forgive them - they're not human, after all. Not so good at chat - get a bit lost if there's more than one or two. Ever thought of putting up a bell? Pat the bell, get a reward. Cat's are very bright creatures - learn well.


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