Emails show Yeelirrie uranium mine approved a month before 2019 election

Just more sneaky moves from the Government --


That is not the only uranium mine in WA

<b data-component="Heading">Toro Energy's Wiluna uranium mine in Goldfields gets green light from WA Government

Thanks, Suze -- darn disgrace -- once this gets into the water table -- it is curtains -- what the hell is wrong with the Government -- and the so-called environment ministers are hopeless too

I'm at a loss to fully understand what the problem is. A company put in an application to create a mine and about 10 years later a decision to go ahead was given. The company which wanted the mine to proceed have been chasing the decision makers in an attempt to expedite the matter, the decision makers have followed the rules as laid down and have reached an affirmative decision. There appears to be some attempt to muddy the waters by suggesting that a state government, then a federal government have somehow broken the rules and given approvals when they should not have. Whichever way this is looked at, both state and federal governments acted within the law.


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