Electronic prescribing

Doctors are now doing electronic scripts.


Has ayone started using this? Is it easy to navigate?





I have been in contact with cgame for 9 years, which is 269 days without sleep, accounting for 3% of my current life.
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These quantified data are chilling, for no other reason, just because the first word that flashed into my mind was "a waste of time."
Then I started to blame myself, closed the interface hastily, opened the ppt and conceived the non-existent plan in front of the blank screen, completely forgetting that it was already 2:00 in the morning.
Said it is a concept, but it is actually just knocking on a bunch of words that have no practical effect, as if as long as one page of A4 paper is filled, anxiety will be squeezed out.
"I have to do something, I have to do something, I have to do something."

virtual phone

This is the first time I've heard of it Plan B

Sounds good but unfortunately humans operate the digital system,

so I would be carefully check what I received before taking it.



At the moment we can still get the paper scripts Suze,  but as you say I know I like to look after my own scripts and know what is what,  as they don't call the medication by the make any more it is by the drug they are made of and when you are not familiar with that it can be confusing.

They have also changed the packaging as well, it often looks so different now.



Suze - but really that's no different to paper ones. Many times I've had the wrong medication dispensed to me; like only one pack or wrong dosage....oh and wrong price (haven't charged the concession amount)

For us, this has just been another in the long lineup of Govt Service Cockups. I won't detail the machinations we put up with for several months, we've now gone back to driving 50kms to get genuine paper prescriptions from our Doctor - they ALWAYS work first time !!

Yes I agree,  fearlessfly,  the government are al interfering with many prescriptions now as well and also

threatening Dr's with loss of license  

Government crackdown on prescription opioids leaving chronic sufferers in a world of pain



Plan B - I still get Targin [slow release oxycodone] and Endone as needed from my Doc, as I suffer severe chronic pain in multiple areas from cancer treatment [2011 & 2014] and a broken arm from 5 years ago that hasn't healed properly. The only difference is that I have to see Doc monthly instead of quarterly. He phones a government department each time but never has a problem being approved, thank God!


I am pleased you are able to get pain meds as needed Pacahawi,  no fun when you have chronic pain.


I have not had the electronic scripts as yet and would prefer to have the paper ones


We have had electronic scripts since telehealth calls started due to covid. No problem with them. Can usually have it filled and pick up script at chemist within a few hours. If they have repeats, we collect paper copy from chemist within a few days as doc posts them. We don't leave scripts with chemist as I like to see where I am with the paperwork in front of me.

Thank you, Plan B - stay safe and well! :)


Very easy in using with Medadvisor. https://www.medadvisor.com.au/Home/Landing

No paper, no travelling to the doctor for a repeat script. All done on my iphone/desktop computer. Love technology making life easier.

Have been using the Terry White (chemist) app since covid started. It is so much better than taking in your prescriptions. All your drugs are listed on the app and you just selected the ones you want dispensed and you get a message when they are ready. You can have them delivered or go into the chemist to retrieve.

Like others I was sceptical when my doctor first suggested it.  But he helped me set up a folder for scripts on my phone, and then sms'd each one to me.  Moved them into the folder so easy to find on my phone when I go to the chemist.  

I have complete control over my medication.  As soon as each script is filled, the system sends an sms to me with a new QR code for the next repeat, and tells me how many repeats are left.  So it's EXACTLY the same as having paper.  Best thing, I don't have to remember to take my scripts to the chemist when I need more tablets.  I've always got my phone in my bag so can get them whenever I am out.


Soiunds like a good idea PB, especially for those with long distances to travel, luckily my doctor is just up the road, 5 minutes away.


Out surgery has been doing that since the first lock down,  also phone in appointments.


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