Electric heaters fail the reviewers' tests

Consumer group CHOICE’s latest round of electric heater testing has found that none of the 13 heaters tested can be recommended.

“Unfortunately, we can’t recommend any of the heaters we put through our latest round of testing,” says reviewer Ashley Iredale.

“Our recommended heaters need to score at least 70 per cent overall, 70 per cent for heating performance, and pass all our safety tests. None of the heaters we tested met all of these standards.

“We also discovered that Kmart has produced yet another dismal performing heater for the third year in a row. The Kmart Anko Ceramic Fan Heater was one of the worst in our test, with a score of 53 per cent.

“The Anko heater struggled to raise the temperature of the test room by 10 degrees, which is concerning. The fan in this heater is also not very effective. The thermal profile of the room shows that most of the heat will go straight up to the ceiling. 

“If you’ve purchased a Kmart heater in the past couple of years, it’s worth double checking to see if you’ve got one of their poor performing heaters in your home." 

In 2019, the Kmart Anko HD904-11 heater scored just 48 per cent. In 2020, the Anko DL03L performed even more poorly, receiving a score of 45 per cent.

Bunnings also earned the ire of CHOICE, continuing the recent trend of retro looks matched with retro performance.

“Retro products are back in fashion, but they’re bringing retro performance with them. Bunnings and Mistral will give you a fashionable paperweight for your home, but not much of a heater.”

Do you own any of these electric heaters? How do you heat your home?


I bought a Dimplex 1.5kw oil filled heater last year for the spare bedroom when the son comes up to visit.  I find that I have to have it on for at least 1 hour before any heat is felt, the bedroom door must be left shut.  My unit faces South so it does get very cold. I must admit it's not much of a heater. I also have a reverse cycle air conditioner in the lounge/dining room. This was here when I bought the place. I don't know what the builders were thinking as it is  near the back door and blows straight through the place and hits the front door. If I'm sitting near it I can hardly feel the heat. My son tried to move the shutters but they don't move.

I don't use heaters but I have reverse cycle A/C and it is great


I do have some small blow heaters that I used to use in the caravan but never need to use

I am the same as PlanB, reverse cycle air-con and minimum heating use, 14 deg C is the lowest temp to date.
Beautiful one day, perfect the next.


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