Eggs recalled amid salmonella fears

Shoppers are once again being warned to check their eggs following the latest recall over potential salmonella contamination.

The NSW Food Authority has recalled Port Stephens Eggs with best-before dates up to and including June 8, 2019 (the eggs are stamped ‘NSW 219’), urging customers to return them immediately to the place of purchase for a refund.

It’s the latest urgent recall for salmonella-related incidents over the past several months, with the two in March and a further two in April.

For more information on the latest recall, contact Port Stephens Eggs on (02) 4982 1218.


As a side point, has anyone else noticed that boxes of 6 eggs are becoming as rare as hen's teeth? (boom tish!) But I am serious, you have to buy, 10, 12 or 18 depending on the brand at least in the supermarkets near me. There are usually just a few packs of cage bird eggs which I won't buy. All else are too big a pack if you are not cooking for a family.

Another reason not to eat eggs.  KSS try find a local supplier from a free range farm, at least those chickens can have a half decent life. 



I only buy free range (1000 hens per hectare).

And no its NOT a reason not to eat eggs. It is forced on you when you can't get them.

Traders who sold this product

Local butchers and independent supermarkets including:
Gwandala Butcher
Hunter Animal Watch
Lampton Fruit and Vegetables
Morton Meats
Nelson Bay Butcher
Steak n Chops
SPAR Morpeth
Wyee Mini Mart

Where the product was soldNew South Wales


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