Easy way to wring out wet clothes

i occasionally wash a few clothes by hand and now find that my hands and arms are not quite as strong as they were, especially when wringing the clothes before hanging them up to dry.

so, i give the wet things a squeeze over the tub, then place them in a dry towel on the floor and ...... stand on them.   my weight squeezes them out really well, and they're ready to hang on the line (with the now-damp towel).

works every time, and i'm not over-weight.




I only hand wash woolens, delicates and the puppy:)

Then dry them by rolling in a microfibre towel which is more absorbent than ordinary towel and you do not need to stand on it.


thanks abby.  sounds good.

The micro fibre towel

is also good for drying your hair :)


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