Dust storms

I live on the north coast of NSW - was watching the news, from Sydney this morning about dust storms. The sky was clear, the air was fresh, and I felt sorry for those who had suffered. That was until about 7.30am. The sky darkened, the sun got a rather strange glow. Then came the dust. I could taste it before I felt it. Now we have the same problems, maybe not as thick as Sydney, but enough. I've locked up my house, hope it's enoug hto keep the dust out. Lived through enough of the far western dust storms.


I live on Bribie Island in Queensland,Its 1.30, & the dust is getting thicker & thicker. On the radio they were saying its very heavy in Brisbane too. We also have VERY high winds, & with bushfires as well its not a good day to be outside, especially if you are an asthmatic like me. Thank Heavens for Ventolin !!.

I do hope it doesn't last much longer.

Take care.

[url=http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/indepth/sydney-dust-storm]Click here[/url] for some photos.

Have had this dust here since early morning--very orange--very very windy--and dust everywhere--I have never seen it like this here b4

The dust swirling in the strong wind on the Darling Downs too ...

My biggest heartache is that I've washed my car a couple of days ago, using my precious tank-water - and

it was standing in the parking lot for a bit more than an hour and now is covered with dust again.

Felt like crying ...

I have never seen anything as bad either and I am in Victoria just seeing it on tele :(

I know what the clean up will be like as we were covered inside and outside after last year's fires which came frightenengly close.

I certainly am not complaining about the soot as opposed to others who lost lives and everything they owned but the red dust must be difficult to even be out in and would think people only going out in necessity.

Take care those in it's midst and hope it does not last many minutes more.

I did my windows and fly screens the other day--they will need doing again


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