Dont throw away too soon and save

Many of us dump the rollon deodorant when just about gone etc.


Instead turn it upside down under vanity lodge with other bottles to keep standing up and will get up to another weeks use out of it.

Works for all things actually not a miser but a penny saved! Shampoo and conditioner in the shower.

and last bits of soap even Dove bar can be turned into soft soap using old container by sink or trough etc or even for the men to use shaving.



Good ideas there BigVal,  I actually do just that, any bottle that appears empty I stand upside down to drain, deodorant included.

With the shampoo and conditioner, after using the new bottle a couple of times I take the lid off it and the old bottle and leave the old one to drain into the new one, it's easy to stand them in the corner of the vanity or somewhere like that, let drain over night and voila there is another couple of shampoos/ to go.

As for the soap, I always stick the last bit to the new cake, it's easy with a bit of water and let sit.

I'm far from a miser but was well taught by my parents who went through the depression and the war, I've just carried on with it.  There are so many ways to save by using the last bits of anything.

Yes I do the same--I have even cut some bottles with hack saw to get the last bit out like creams etc

Good ideas and I also chop make up containers as heaps left in the neck of squeeze bottles. I also put a bit of hot water into the  hand sanitizer bottles as the stuff is thick and quite a lot sticks to the sides never to be pumped out :) Even things like tomato sauce  bottles take a bit of hot water and into spag. bol.

I use lots of cheaper perfume (often bought for very little on special) and squirt a bit in the toilet bowl and when the lid is lifted such a nice smell. I also just squirt it and shut the door and gives me a lift just walking into the bathroom. No not the one Peter uses lol he likes the apple flavour air freshner. BUT I love a bit of my nice perfumle (no not the extra u-beaut one Plan B uses) but just Boronia or Rembrandt :) which I really like squirted under my pillow and it wafts around all night.

BTW I was glad to see on the news HRT is not the demon we were led to believe (not that it stopped me using it for years and years and probably will never get off it) because my quality of life is beyond better with it.

Ive just stopped HRT in March this year after starting it in 1986 so long time user. Not felt any nasties from doing it but do think I am losing the tum a bit which is why I thought to give it a go as they say adds weight.

Had to see the Doc about another matter and came away with what I havent had for years. First an awful sore throat 2 days later and then next day nasty thick phlegm starting up followed by nose running and dreadful thick mucus too there and so must be a super cold/bug as I havent had one like this ever before and last sore throat 1996.


What a bug this one is and new clinic too no windows and last time my sore throat was new Library and suspect Airconditioning. Methinks may be the case too with new clinic Super One at that! Sure Super bugs they give out for free. LOL.

either that or Kleenex is on a sales drive on tissues...........

Val, I have heard of so many down Sth with this awful bug--seems like it is rampent a the moment--hope you are feeeling better very soon--I was also on HRT since 1985--untill about 5 years ago--

Psst Big Val I gave HRT away for three months but everything flooded back so since March you said? I will bet you money you will be back on it (bad me yes I know) but I have tried for two months over the years also, quite a few times.  I am strict not to eat over 16 hundred cals. a day, so stay within my weight range but also exercise and know if I did not do these things would probably have weight on. Takes effort I suppose and you could be right hrt could help to hold weight. Good luck and hope I am wrong and you do not have to say "Phyl. was right" :)

Just heard the other day that the scares about HRT were false alarms.   I guess they're learning all the time.

Seggie. Hi all.  I was told that HRT was the worst possible thing I could be on so went off it. Horrors.  Life wasn't too good for months after that.  Then I was told to go off eating more than one egg a week. Next thing, eat red meat once a week only. Coffee is bad for you, have decaffeinated. Yuk. Sugar is no good either, nor white bread, nor this or that. Guess what. I've given up being told what to do. I want it proved before I go off the things I love from now on.  Food, here I come.


Isn't it just a pain in the proverbial and annoying to think back what we loved we gave up to now be told "what a shame it would have been doing you good" ho hum.


Especially HRT and Coffee and especially eggs but heaps of other things. I hope all those who who did on occasion eat meat on Friday are not wallowing in hell.


Especially HRT and Coffee and especially eggs but heaps of other things. I hope all those who who did on occasion eat meat on Friday are not wallowing in hell.


Not yet LOL

I have always eated what I liked and still do

I used to eat what I liked PlanB, until I was diagnosed as Diabetic2.  Up until that time I was a normal weight, had never dieted, avoided all medications and was fit, strong, very active and healthy.

Since being diagnosed 4 years ago I've put on weight (14k).  Being on medications for everything they say I have to take medications for to keep the diabeties in check, I now suffer from muscle weakness and pain due to muscle wastage, breathlessness, exhaustion and more and can't do most of the activities of the past.  I've recently taken myself off 2 medications, diaformin and lipitor(crestor), and advised my GP who said we'll keep an eye on it through regular blood tests.

And now, probably because I have to avoid them, I appear to have become addicted to carbs and can't have any in the house at all!

btw, many years ago I was in a test group at St Vincents Hosp in Sydney to find out if eggs had any effect on cholesterol levels.. it did not!  There was no change at all!

Pip, your post is very interesting, I worry about medications, the side effects can be so dramatic. I'm lucky, like PlanB I can eat what I want (in moderation of course) but at least I can eat it, the main thing I try to stay away from is dairy but I do love cheese (I'm supposed to be lactose intolerant) but I still have dairy foods but only small amounts which satisfy my cravings when I get them LOL.  I was on HRT for a few years while I was still at work but when I retired I stopped them and haven't needed them at all.  As for meds, I'm not on any yet and am dreading the day the Doc tells me I need some.

I undestand your problem Pip--my Son has the same type 2--and he has also put on weight--since being on meds',  it was on his Fathers side--they all had that in the mid years, it is a real worry.


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