Don't fall foul of this new voicemail text scam

Scamwatch has released their latest warning about a new voicemail message scam making the rounds this week called Flubot.

You will receive a message via text or email that you have a new voicemail that requires you to download a voicemail app to listen to. Clicking on the link will download an app that will infect your system.

Have you been targeted by the Flubot voicemail scam? Was it easy to identify as a scam?


Yes daily. Such a pain and you can't block it because it comes from different numbers 

You can still block each and every number, hopefully they will get fed up of it and will try someone else!

Got one today telling me to open the message to "opt out"of their messages. Got blocked and deleted also. 

Don't fall for the "opt out" trick. It may work in reverse. Take a screen shot of the message with the phone number or write down the phone number, delete it and report it to ScamWatch 

By reverse I mean that one can cloak "yes" in the computer program with the expression "opt out". You click on "opt out" and you've just given a "yes" to download the scammers flubot. 

I've seen this with other scams where they give you an option of "yes or no"...both are "yes". Press "no" and the scammers program downloads.

Be very careful.


Not the Flubot scam but I get a new text each day telling me I have a voicemail which I ignore. Some of the countries sending this text appear to be Germany, China and Thailand according to the address on the link. They arrive in the very early hours of the day. We're probably a bit too paranoid about texts and emails that we don't know as we delete all of them without opening but we figure that if it's genuine that the people will contact us another way.


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