Don't DIY!

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Don't DIY!

That's the message Energy Safe Victoria is delivering to an audience of men who stubbornly believe in DIY and self-sufficiency.

“Our brief was to reach a cohort of men who believe in self-sufficiency, or who have a ‘it can’t be that hard’ mentality,” said DPR&Co co-founder and executive creative director, Richard Ralphsmith.

“We didn’t want to demean or insult them, so our approach was designed to be conversational, enlisting a relatable handyman persona to deliver the campaign message.”

“Many people don’t know that it’s illegal for unqualified people to do their own electrical work. They’re completely unaware of the potential risks. These risks go beyond electrocuting yourself or others. Illegally performed electrical work can lead to house fires, void your home insurance and see you faced with hefty repair bills as a result of faulty wiring,” said Energy Safe Victoria’s head of communications and marketing, Jonathan Granger, when explaining the motivation behind the campaign.

What do you think of this campaign?


Great campaign, lots of dunderheads out there.

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Great message, granted. That $15 powerpoint will cost the avarage person close to $150 IF they can find a sparky to do such a small job. If your on a pension, that's less for essential items like food and utility bills. Not just VIC government but in all major cities and surounds should be using Home Assist services. Pay for the parts, not the labor. This should prevent DDYI.

your optimistic at the pricesm try about 450 for a power point if its easy to get the wire in, if its just a replacemt of the outlet then it might be 150

Very good "Point" but have you looked in your Roof Space through the entry to this Space.

Lincenced electrican work, electrical cables across beams to light fittings.

Just as if they were thrown.

This is one of the Reasons The Insulation in Roof Space Failed, Electrification of Roof Space.

Yes use Lincence Electrican and hope they do the job correctly.

As stated can be expensive.

I've been working with electricity for many decades and take all the precautions.  Other trades likewise.

Why wouldn't a person save a quid if they can do their own work in retirement especially.  It leaves money for the better things of life.

For those who are worried here's the precaustions:

1. make sure you have CIRCUIT BREAKERS in your box.  A life saver!

2. turn off the circuit breaker for the circuit you want to work on.

3. to be extra sure I use a piece of insulated electrical wire, hold it on an earth and then brush it on the live wire a few times.  No spark means you have likely turned off the circuit.  Can also use a batten holder with a light in it.  I hold one of the wires on earth (black wire) and the other (red) on live.

If at all unsure do not try any of the above.  Its what I do and I've never had a problem.  Nor am I making a recommendation of any sort.  Yes I can see that some people could fry themselves, likely because they have no understanding and/or no respect for what they are working with.  Of course having circuit breakers is an absolute.  Even if one does the wrong thing it'll only result a nasty shock rather than being glued to the wire and ending up deceased.


Wearing all that winter gear must have zapped your brain. Anyone who takes any notice of what you wrote needs their heads examined, that is, if they still have one after they're blown up. What's the point of trying to save a few bob if you're pushing up daisies??

Besides, should there be a death injury or house burns down, no insurance pays out SAVVY? Any more brilliant advice?

Do your own electrical work face the distinct possibility of voiding your home insurance.  If a fire is caused by faulty wiring an investigation into who did the wiring or electrical work will be part of the process.

When I worked in a Hardware Store we actaully stopped selling things like electrical switches and plugs to the public as it was illegal for them to do their own installations.

Why put a $500,000 home or a life at risk to save a few dollars?  Electricians are licensed and insured for a reason.

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Doing your own electrical work is ILLEGAL in Australia. If the illegal electrical job is done incorrectly and a fire results, you will not be covered for the loss of your house.. so a job that would probably have cost you around a hundred dollars for an hour of an electrician’s time will end up costing you your biggest investment.. your home.

An insurance company will not recognise work done by an unlicensed electrician. Licensed electrical contractors are also required to have public liability insurance. If your electrician is unlicensed (and hence uninsured), you won’t receive a cent in compensation if his work injures you or your family.

Great campaign! You can DIY a lot of things - cosmetics, soaps, arts & crafts, gife ideas but NOT electrical work. That could be dangerous!

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