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Rusty is almost embarrassingly disciplined. Someone watching his obedience must think that it was beaten into him.
Rusty never was beaten.
When I got him there were gaps in the fence for a dinosaur to walk through. Behind is the road and danger. I took Rusty to that fence, drew an imaginary line and said NO! That NO was a sinister rumble of thunder. A dog-shocker. Now, when stick or a ball flies over the fence, Rusty runs to that line, sits down and just looks at me.
The rare occasions I turn on thunder Rusty flattens himself, looks utterly despondent and rolls over onto his back. My method is effective.
I tested him. Left some loosely wrapped bones in the car, pointed at them and did my voice trick. Then I went shopping. Back again, Rusty was squatting before that package. I swear, he was cross-eyed. He drooled. Whenever he enters higher spheres he makes piepsy, pigeon-like noises. Now, he was practically singing. But he did not touch the bones.
My two previous dogs acted in a similar fashion. Friends say it’s my awful German accent. It would frighten elephants.
Vets tell me it’s consistency. They say, of all domesticated animals dogs have remained closest to their original wolf nature. They are pack animals who want a leader and want to obey him. Once they know clear rules, what’s in and what’s out, they will follow those rules.
My sister’s dog doesn’t. Because in her household rules change from one minute to the next. I feel sorry for that dog.
Klaus and Rusty
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Couldn't agree more, Nullarbor. People range from talking to their dogs as though they are smacking them.

Consistency is the key word in your description.

Here again lots of people get bored with training, end up with an undisciplined animal...and blame the dog.

An anecdote of mine.

My dog is a tiny Italian Greyhound...smaller even than the norm, as she was the runt.

A beautiful natured girl.

When about 12 months old, she started jumping up to my seat when I left the lounge.

At first, happily jumped off, when I tapped her.

One day, she coiled right back into the seat, eyes glittering, a low growl... I shot my head down to within millimetres of her eyes, and yelled in her face.

Didn't see her for an hour, when she crept in, circled the room, and laid her nose on my knees.

She didn't go near my seat for YEARS. Now, occasionally keeps it warm for me...but moves pretty quickly, when I walk back in.

Toilet training...

when I brought her home as a pup, I walked outside with her every half hour, and praised her mightily.

She was trained within a fortnight, and I can leave her in the house for hours at a time, if I have to go out without her.

Accidents are rare, and usually only occur if she's a bit off colour.

There are many resources available today on training.

Most vets have puppy training classes.

I wish more people would avail themselves.

Onya Rusty!

I agree with your training and I always did the same--and was able to trust my Dogs at all times and had complete control over them and great love and respect on both sides. It pays off in the end--

I also believe it's all in the tone of the voice. A low growling no is enough to stop my dog in it's tracks. But a light happy voice is used as praise when the right thing is done. I've also had bones in a box in the car, told the dog no and went off and came back, same result as yours, dog drooling, a fixed stare in her eyes, but she hadn't touched the bones.

It is also important to have words that your dog really recognises It could save it's life. The sit, drop, stay, are all the basic good, but for me, the leave has been the most important. If she aproached a snake, I told her to leave. I have the red bellied blacks, the brown here. Had to employ the leave command a couple of times. You can call your dog the most useless thing that what ever put here on this earth, if you use a soft voice. But if you want to be the alpha, you have to work to be there, and reward for good conduct.

Klaus, you and Rusty are a perfect team, perfect match, perfectly in tune with each other what more could a man ask for.

Big hugs for Rusty and one for you also.



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