Do you use bottled water as your main source of drinking water?

A recent survey has discovered that approximately 15 per cent of Australians primarily use bottled water as their main source of drinking water at home.

More than 1000 Australian adults from across Australia were surveyed, with 15 per cent saying that more than 80 per cent of their at home drinking water was purchased bottle water.

When the same respondents were asked why they chose to buy water bottles, the majority said they trusted the quality and preferred the taste of bottled water.

According to the survey, the main (80 per cent or more) water source that Australian household are drinking are:

  • Tap water                   56.6%
  • Filtered water            23.1%
  • Still bottled water      15.4%
  • Sparkling water        2.8%
  • Other                          2.1%


Can you believe so many Australians drink bottled water at home? Do you drink bottled water at home? Do you drink water straight from the tap or do you filter it first?

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Pure rainwater if collected direct from the sky after a prolonged period of rain (goodness knows when that is going to happen) will be virtually pure. However, if you live near the surf, the wind will blow salt onto your roof which will be washed into your tank and since seawater contains about 4mg/litre fluoride, you could get fluoride in that water. Of course there is also dust and smoke in the air and other air pollutants which are all washed out by rain but I think generally there will be very little fluoride in rainwater.

You didn't include bird droppings in your list of things washed into your "fresh" water tank.

I am not an expert on this, but I do know there are different types of fluoride, some natural, some not. The fluoride used in tap water is the natural version called calcium fluoride and is usually found in soil. However, although there is minimal amounts in does exist. There are worse things than fluoride in rainwater. This may explain it.

So, is it safe to use rainwater?

“Over the years, many people have been using rainwater. Indeed, they have generally survived without too many issues. This doesn’t mean that their rooftops and water tanks are miraculously clean and free from any bacteria! It is more likely that their bodies have grown immune to the type of bacteria that are common in the rainwater systems.

Meanwhile we know that bacteria, viruses and most microorganisms continue to evolve. Emerging species and variants of microorganisms continue to pose new threats. They can quickly spread across geographies. So, continuing to use untreated rainwater simply because it has worked in the past can be dangerous. Very dangerous.”

A casual internet search like “diseases related to bird droppings” shows plenty of health warnings. After all, we have no control of what will contaminate our rooftops and rainwater tanks.

In conclusion, using untreated rainwater is not safe”


Don't know where you are getting your information from but they do not use "natural" fluoride in tap water it is artificial. There are many concerns that it accumulates in our system and can cause health issues,especially if you are also using it in your tooth paste.

Also using rainwater is okay if properly filtered before entering the house.

It's quite possible Sophie got her information from the same place as you i.e. Google. She did say she was no  "expert" on the matterand provided a link. Surely you can do better than provide a link to a company selling water filters, who have a vested interest in telling you what's in your water, so they can sell a filter?

If you had looked at the article Kiah it did have links in it for more information. I will stick to filtering out just in case anyway, but also my filter does chloramines, chlorine and other metals, my water tastes great.

Them that seeketh to save their life shall lose it (Rabbi Abe). Cheeers!

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Use tap water.  Tastes fine!


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