Ditch the baking paper

Save the planet and yourself some money by ditching your baking paper and switching to a a silicone baking mat.

There are many choice availalbe and they come in all shapes and sizes, but unlike baking paper which you have to keep buying, a reuseable silicone baking map is affordable and easy to clean.

Depending where you make your mat purchase, you can pick up a useable silicone baking mat between $10 and $30 online.

EcoLife Box is one such company, selling the Big Bite Eco - Reusale Baking Mat at $14.

Have you already ditched baking paper? How are you finding your silicone baking mat?

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I use baking paper not only for baking but also use it in the freezer and am very happy with it.

Have not tried the silicone baking mat but imagine washing it would be a waste of water

... beside not knowing howlong it would last.

no thanks I'll stick to the baking paper.

I use silicone mats for biscuits, but I also reuse the baking paper if I'm having a big baking day, the paper can be reused for the next tray. I also use the paper to line my baking tins and sometimes even my silicone cake pans to be on the safe side and ease of removing from pan. Years ago I used "tracing paper" , which came in rolls, then needed to grease that paper with spray oil. Don't know if that's still available but would likely be cheaper than baking paper.

I'm sure baking paper is much healthier than silicone Drew.  Maybe get a blodd analysis to see how you are going.

If you want to avoid baking paper then get a spray can of olive oil or a squirt bottle of same.  You'd be surprised at how good this is.  Could be called 'non stick' but of course depends on the surface you are coating.  Ceramics are best.

Baking paper will do me. I don't get a good feeling from silicon baking cookware.

I agree, Jackie.

Sounds ideal but  hos safe is silicone? Not sure I would use unless it was  healthy to do so.

Sounds ideal but  hos safe is silicone? Not sure I would use unless it was  healthy to do so.

Thought I was being a nice bloke and bought my wife some silicone trays. Sshe never used them, saying they were not safe according to some scientists, so she now used them to start seedlings. My wife is a great inventor.

Image result for what can you grow in silicone baking trays?

No thanks. Silicone and Lupus go hand in hand.

Silicon is great. I have been using it for a couple of years now making cakes, chocolates, steamed desserts, and many other things with no problems. The only problem that I have is not being able to get silicon tray liners for my 8" x 8", 9" x 9", 11" x 8" and my 13" x 9" trays so I am left with no choice but to use baking paper.

Or you can just go back to greasing the tin and coating with flour like we used to. 

I see chefs on tv use silicon mats; I would consider it if I found one that fitted all the dishes I use. I see them on cooking shows using something called Silpat (I think!).

Sorry, Drew, I use baking paper and reuse it also.  It’s easy to use, easy to work with and one roll will cut into any size I want.

I use baking paper to line my bread tins and line my pizza trays.  I doubt that silicon will confirm to these containers.  I think it's typical payola with this Drew character (who does not reply to emails).

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