Ditch the baking paper

Save the planet and yourself some money by ditching your baking paper and switching to a a silicone baking mat.

There are many choice availalbe and they come in all shapes and sizes, but unlike baking paper which you have to keep buying, a reuseable silicone baking map is affordable and easy to clean.

Depending where you make your mat purchase, you can pick up a useable silicone baking mat between $10 and $30 online.

EcoLife Box is one such company, selling the Big Bite Eco - Reusale Baking Mat at $14.

Have you already ditched baking paper? How are you finding your silicone baking mat?

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I use baking paper to line my bread tins and line my pizza trays.  I doubt that silicon will confirm to these containers.  I think it's typical payola with this Drew character (who does not reply to emails).

"It is considered “FDA approved as a food-safe substance” and is generally considered inert. Unfortunately, there hasn't been much research on siliconebakeware or silicone molds so while there isn't any evidence that it is harmful, there also isn't much evidence that it is safe.Jan 23, 2019"

until such time it is deemed safe I will not use

paper coated with silicone and therefore can withstand heat up to approx 230 deg

..... the problem I see with the  silicone mat is reheating

it over and over which makes it deteriorate and can easily get our food.

Baking paper gets ditched after one use.

I have ditched my sicilone baking dishes  Unsure of the safety of using them.

And you can't wrap your fish and veg in silicon mats either!

Have used silicone baking trays in the past, would not do so again. They are very difficult to clean properly, get stained very easily and generally feel horrible to touch after a while.

Can't imagine a silicone baking mat would be any different after a while either.  Besides as everyone says baking paper has so many other uses why would you swop ith for something with very limited use?

I'm certainly not the greatest cook, especially when it comes to cake making. However, my cakes always leave the tin. My secret weapon is using unsalted butter and flour to line the tin and voila, out it comes. 

I have used rice paper for years for lining the pan when making macaroons and meringues and the advantage is it's edible and does not detract from the flavour of the baked goods!

Thanks for the "rice paper" tip Sophie. My mom used to use shortening instead of butter for greasing the pans and I guess I still have the habit. 

I'm not too keen on the new craze of cooking sous vide and can't imagine why  celebrity cooks think it's so great to boil things in plastic!

I am also unsure of the safety of the silicon stuff too

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