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Curious to know why no-one is using the Disqus commenting on this site.

A number of hot high rotation topics have been published recently but no-one has commented which is highly unusual on YLC.


Not relevant to the question I asked.

Why is no-one commenting on YLC stories that require you to use Discus????

There have been stories every day this last week in which not one comment was made, and yet they are hot topics that have been thrashed to death over and over and over again.  There are a number of people on this site who love to repeat the same stuff over and over every chance they get.  Have they died or suddenly woken up?  It is quite mystifying.


I think you may be confusing the members with your spelling of DIQUS  ???

You may find further info on it https://help.disqus.com/en/articles/1717103-disqus-privacy-policy

I read some of the discus topics from the emails I get from YLC

Sorry, yes I did spell it wrong.  I have now amended the post.




johninmelb I have been wondering this for a while now. I used to enjoy reading the comments section to see peoples views on topics but there has been nothing, not one comment in the comments section. It's very frustrating.

I may be a bit slow, but what do you mean by "the Discus ". Are you referring to the Olympic event,

or do you mean "discuss"?

"Curious to know why no-one is using the Discus commenting on this site" What exactly do you mean?

I haven't seen any shortage of discussion on YLC. Please explain.

At the bottom of a lot of articles there is a comment box which uses Disqus.  YLC are using this service to host comments rather than their own site.  I did a snapshot of it but this stupid site won't let me paste an image from my computer.

Look at this morning's story on Aussies excluded from Centrelink payments.


Oh right, I get it now. Thanks for your help.

It looks like you did spell it correctly in the first instance ( Disqus). Being new to YLC, I haven't

progressed beyond "Forum" to all the other categories on the website. I must expand my horizons.


Is it here that nobody replies to?

I have tried myself and I don't know how to get what I have written into the Replies.

For instance

I wrote this..... but I don't know where I should click to get it into print!

Prevention is better than cure Mootnell! I would much rather have the vaccine than the virus any day. Have travelled around the world and have had many inoculations in my 76 years. You can go into your car and get killed, I hope not but it sure happens a lot these days. What about all the people that were flying and suddenly the plane makes a nose dive? I have been on planes where they landing has been aborted suddenly and the pilot had to make another attempt at landing. One was mechanical one was high winds.

this was in reply to this email......



   AvatarMootnell  3 days ago

Here we are not further advance vaccinated and those vaccinated are still capable of getting or passing it on. Government still making the same old mistakes and now SA at stage 5 lock down for 12 cases.
According to their own data we have had no deaths this year from Covid but supposedly thousands of contacts with what they say is a highly virulent virus!! yet no deaths in 7 months however we have had 5 deaths from the vaccine. I’m over two years of constant fear mongering and rhetoric.

Follow the money trail, follow the patens, follow who owns and stands to gain most from this named pandemic. There is always a money trail, just like carbon credits and global warming.
‘First convince them there’s a problem and then get them to pay to fix it’ is alive and well

PM censured for pressuring official body to change its vaccine advice (yourlifechoices.com.au)

It is bad enough trying to write never mind all the details of this site to understand for my conditionin.

I have no idea as to what DISQUS    is other than what I have read here just now

It's at the bottom of most articles where you can make comments.

See today's article on Centrelink.  It's a guaranteed red hot topic on this site as passions run high and every one has an opinion..  There is not a single comment on the page today, whereas in times past, there would be 80 or 90 within a few hours.

This is from the bottom of an artile that I clicked in an email that was sent to me by YLC

Why have Disqus anyway? Are they paying YLC for access to the readership? I am a little reluctant

to register with an entity like Disqus. Just another social media company trying to develop a set

of marketable profiles? Why not just have YLC commentary? I need to be educated about all this.

It seems a little messy to use.


No idea if YLC pays for the service or they have the "free" plan.  I think publishers are using it to provide spam control, and maybe also to distance themselves from over the top comments that could land them in trouble.  Discussion on YLC borders on problematic with many of the topics on that are on high rotation to keep the clicks up.


I just used Disqus to make a comment on https://www.yourlifechoices.com.au/age-pension/what-centrelink-support-is-available-when-you-lose-a-loved-one/

Comment box appeared OK, typed in my post just fine and clicked save OK.

BUT ... when I went back to the page my comment was not there but three others were.

Went there again .. no comments showing. Must be a glitch in the system

Did you log in using a disqus log in, or a google, facebook or twitter login?  It will not post a comment if you have not logged in using one of those options.

Hi johninmelb ... logged in using my disqus log in.

Yes RnR

I can only see 3 others but not yours 

I am already reluctant about the amount of information I share with google and facebook. Last thing I want to do is share my information with an untrusted commercial firm to sell on a list to spammers and third parties.

Beware of the disqus dark web. Maybe that's why many don't comment on it.

It has not been working for weeks now, I have commented and gone back and it does not show. Anyone contacted YLC's about it?

you might need to check with Disqus in case you have been benched as a result of someone reporting your post. 

Hi folks,

This is all great feedback. So, you don't trust Disqus or just don't want to use it? Quick recap: the reason we went with Disqus was to see if the moderation tools would help us clean up the comments and deter spammers. That has certainly been the case. We also introduced it as a means to improve site performance, which it also has done. But we'd rather our members feel comfortable to comment on articles.

So, Disqus or no Disqus? Let's hear it? We'd love your feedback on this!

improve site performance Checkbox Check Tick · Free vector graphic on Pixabaydeter spammers Checkbox Check Tick · Free vector graphic on Pixabayclean up comments Checkbox Check Tick · Free vector graphic on Pixabayencourage community comments ... 3 out of 4 ain't bad


I say stick with Disqus.  Cleaning up the comments and getting rid of the spammers is worth it.

We just need to encourage our members to adopt the format, because we miss their input and opinions!


We feel for the average senior it is too complex!


I have just been through the majority of these Threads and there is nobody there that says it all in our opinion Leon, so much work to create the site too with no return.

If you have to login with a social media platform, like Facebook, Twitter,etc., for the Disqus thingo

to work properly, then I'm out.

you don't need to use social media if you register with Disqus

Just create a simple Disqus login.  That's all I did as I don't use twitter etc.  No relevance to me.  I use Disqus on other sites without any problems.  Don't overthink this stuff, there are more important things to worry about.


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