Disco Balls and Toy Cats to protect your Mangoes

Disco Balls and Toy Cats: How to keep Bats away from your Mangoes

Interesting article and I didn't know that Bats are long range Pollinators can be regarded as pests but are much needed.


Hope this will provide some hep to those growing their own Mangoes and is a quite interesting read too.


There are thousands of flying foxes living not far from me but they don't affect the mangoes too much. They might eat some but usually leave me enough. They do however like my bananas.

But yes , they are our best pollinators.

Thought this might help those who only have one Mango tree Gerry and have mentioned the need for protection against Flying Foxes and other species who rob their trees,  fortunately Fruit Bats are not a problem for us in Perth Gerry.

Interesting article, thanks Viv. We don't have a mango or any large fruit trees and just put netting over the small trees that attract the bats. That seems to do the trick.


Yes Viv, interesting article.

I do have only one Mango Tree but fortunately we don't have the fruit bats here.

My tree is covered in blossoms  but as the tree is only a few years old I will be happy to hopefully have a few more this year as  we had a storm last year and I lost 4 of the last 5 surviving mangoes.

Same as Robi though, we put netting over our trees and grape vines to deter the birds.

I have also been known to hang old cd's around the garden as they deter birds.  Don't have any old disco balls though.

Like Gerry I do not have a problem with flying fox with Magoes and I only have one tree ...

but they do attack the banana bunch if not protected.... maybe they do not realize Mango is food ?

This year I too have lost most of my blooms due to the over abundance of rain.... shame it looked like a bumper crop too.


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