Did I hear right?

Heard just a little discussion about Super and the Government. Seems as if you are prepared to hand over your Super to the Government, you'll get the aged pension, plus about $192 per fortnight. Umm! Didn't I do that during the 40's and 50's? Paid the extra, so that I could have an adequate pension?


Spot on Bev, we paid for our super in our taxes, unfortunately it wasn't introduced early enough to help some of us, and those of us who divorced really fell to the bottom of the heap. However, water under the bridge, have to make the most of what I have. I heard Paul Clitheroe talking about this scheme the other day, and if you give the Government $100,000, when you retire, you would need to live to 98 years old to recoup your money, and even then it would only be earning 3% interest anyway. There would appear to be no provision for returning any "unallocated" moneys if you were to pass on much sooner. Seems to be yet another rip-off by the Government.

Seems to me that all these schemes are designed to secure the polly perks, and do little for improving the lot of the general population. Some may call that a cynical comment, I consider it a realistic comment,!!!

Who would be mad enough to give their money to the Government?

They said the person who hands over his/her little money would get $2000/year extra pension.

Governments come and go, today's $2000 is tomorrows pittance - if they keep their word at all and since when do they do that?

Gee that seems to be a rip off to me--however I never had Super--and somehow I am glad I never--I would rather be in control of any money I was able to save.


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