Designer furniture up for auction from $1

Five-star furnishings from the Marriott Hotel on the Gold Coast will go under the hammer this Monday after COVID-19 sent the hotel into a fast-tracked $35 million major refurbishment of its entire building.

In a series of auctions over the next few weeks the entire five-star furnishings and display items of the Marriott Hotel will go under the hammer all starting from just $1 and all completely unreserved. 

“There are even items from the presidential and deluxe suites featuring furniture by Ralph Lauren and other individual designer pieces,” said Lloyds auctioneer Lee Hames.

The auction features everything from grand pianos, to display units, high end lounge suites and chairs, artworks, lighting, storage units and tables.

“The sheer scale of items in this auction means there is something for everyone with over 300 items in this first auction alone,” Mr Hames said.

“The 28 year old tourism icon is known for hosting celebrities and other famous personalities from all over the world so who knows maybe a celebrity has sat on a chair someone might buy, or placed their glass on one of the tables.”

If you’re interested in owning a piece of Gold Coast Hotel history then head to where the online auction ends at 2pm 21 September.


Does Covid-19 refurnishing mean that the Marriott Hotel was used for quarantine purposes?  Just a thought.

If so I wouldn't want to own any of it myself.


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