Debbie says cheers after 10 years

debbie says cheers

Today, we say goodbye to our beloved Editor, Debbie, as she leaves us after 10 years.

Debbie was a force around the office (some may say still is!). Her wicked sense of humour combined with her unfathomable knowledge are already sorely missed. But the show must go on, and Deb will guide us and help us to bring you all of your essential retirement news and views.

On a personal note, I remember meeting Debbie for the first time and I immediately wanted to work with her. She just seemed like a right 'lass'. And I wasn't mistaken. She was not only a fine mentor and a colleague who a: never let you down and b: was always there when you needed her, but she was (and still is) also a very good friend. And although she won't be gracing us with her presence around the office (though her presence can still be felt), she will always be a friend and favourite of mine.

I've never had so much respect for a work colleague and a person in general. She led by example. She was an absolute weapon.

So, enough gushing from me (although I do feel it is warranted). Why not share your favourite Debbie moment or just say goodbye in the comments below.

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The is nothing like a well earned rest. Hope you have a great time away from all the hustle and bustle of work.  Now is the time to smell the flowers.  Good Luck Debbie in your new adventures. 

Aw Debbie,

After all these years and we must part, I am bereft, almost inconsolable at this time but it is said that time will heal all wounds, maybe it will, but there will always be a scar as a reminder!!

However, thank you for your input during in this time which I am sure has been appreciated by all the readers.

Many thanks, I'll have a toast to you with a lemonade.

hi Debbie I hope that your last day is going well - perhaps you have already left the office and are enjoying a long lunch to celebrate your 10 years of presenting us with some vital piece of information - thank you for being part of a great team at Your Life Choices - :)

As your colleagues owould agree - you have been a force to be reckoned with, but in hte best way,and broiught some of that canny Scottish insights into all things.

Enjoy your time away from the hustle and bustle of work into the justle and bustle of family life !!

and yes take time out to maybe not just smell but plant some roses !!


All the very best Debbie. !0 years, that's a long time. Hope you enjoy your next venture.

So many of you get a roasting from we oldies on this site - you do a wonderful job and your editorial contributions as well as keeping us informed is really appreciated.

Thanks Debbie - best of luck in the future.

Deb. Have a wonderful retirement with family. Much happiness. Thanx for the memories.

Debbie best wishes on all your future ventures.


Maye velykyy termin sluzhby Debbie!  (have a great life in Ukranian) 



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Thank you Debbie, Hope that your next years are as productive as the last 10 have been.

Great site. Congratulations Debbie and the team. All the best DMcT.

Best of luck Deb and love to see you pop in from time to time

BEST wishes DEBBIE,    and hope you find contenment in you retirement,    THANK YOU for all the  work you have put into the forum,   over the years,      it has been a pleasure sharing your inputs,    hope you let us know how you are and what you have been getting up to ,    when you have time,     ALL THE BEST,    


Comes the time that we owe it to ourselves for more 'Me time'. Selfish, maybe ? but I'm gonna keep aside enough time to read - T. Nichols : The Death of Expertise ~ and Why it Matters. So Debbie, whether you have plans or not, I hope you enjoy every minute. I wish you well.

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