Daylight Saving 2013

Daylight Saving 2013 

Daylight saving will begin again in NSW on Sunday, 6 October 2013,

when clocks will go forward one hour at 2:00 am.

And you miss out on an hours sleep 


Personally I hate it - you save all these hours and never ever get to spend them


What is the point of it all



Thank goodness we do not have to suffer it in Qld.

I am happy with QLD time but it does get a bit muddling with the tv times.

Apparently the Qld cows couldnt cope at all if their clocks were to change

Or in WA either.

Personally, I love it. I get my days work done and have that extra hour in the evening to get the lawns/gardens done, shopping, fishing etc. I always look forward to summer and daylight savings........ each to his own, I suppose.

Me too kfchugo.  I love the extra hour of sunlight in the early evening when I have more time to spend with the grandkids in the garden, at the beach and sharing meals - because they get to stay up a little later (my daughter may not like it, but I do :)). Life seems to become more hectic, yet it is also more relaxed - if you know what I mean. Love it.

Summer is different to Daylight Saving - the days are longer naturally. the chooks do not lay extra eggs because of daylight saving, they do not even get up any earlier because of Daylight Saving, they go to bed according to nature.

I might be an old chook - but I don't need any additional hours to tell me I can't lay eggs.

Spring is my favourite season - I guess that is why I love the additional hour, especially in the evening. Our seasons on the NSW coast are mild and we are already hitting the beach and firing up the BBQ. Love, love, love spring :)


Where do you get the additional hour from ???

It isn't an additional hour, it is a reset clock. I am basically lazy and refer to it as additional time. I guess anyone can get 'additional hours' if they turn back the clock. If only I could turn back the clock in reality, I would spend more time doing the things I love instead of the things I have to do :)

City folk will not really need it but here in the bush the magpies wake you up an hour later.

 Crikey Magpies can read the time 

I think what Davey is saying is you can fool the people but not the nature. :)

Oh thanks Abby

HATE IT, so hard when you are close to the Qld border and plus it goes far too long, thanks again to John Howard  __the GRUB

In the old days, when we had all sorts of time zones + daylight saving, I recall a rather bored ABC announcer on National Radio announcing the times around the nation,

"In Victoria and NSW it is Nine o'"clock,   In Queensland it is ten o'clock, in South Australia and Northern Territory it is seven thirty,  In West Australia it is Eight o'clock......  And in Tasmania... it is Tuesday.




Does anyone know WHY the hell John Howard made the daylight saving a longer time?


Plan B Daylight saving originally started during World War 1 and then again during Word War 2.

Daylight saving is the responsibillity of each State and Territory Government not the Federal Government.

Yes Sandy I know that--but it used not to go for so long, then John Howard extended it --why I do not know--BTW thank for that site it looks interesting


I did not know John Howard was a Premier in your state ???

You never know what you will learn at YLC Abby :)


He was the darn PM !!!!

Thanks for that Gerry :)

It made me smile but I still do not like Daylight Saving

As far as I am concerned they should make up their mind which time they want and leave it at that or they could shift it by half an hour one way or another for good - just leave the daylight to nature.


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