Darn the expense!

Today, I went shopping for my groceries. I really wanted a chocolate, so I bought one. A Small's dark chocolate with almonds. Gee it tastes good! Darn the fruit and vefies! I feel satisfied.


Cadburys Caramello is my favourite Bev ........ :lol: ...............but I am glad that you got what you wanted.............

Tastes good - feels good - is good. It won't last the night. I'm super indulging myself. Go try it - it's a happy maker!

I have to admit I love cream centres also but I like nut chocolate too and chocolate coated biscuits er Tim Tams 'specially..........

BUT maybe I am lucky in one small way I cannot have much or I get a worse headache than I have every day lol. (in fact a bad migraine)

You is a good girl Bev. having dark chocolate; as that has the antioxidants so you have had a health food :) Black tea with no milk or sweetener is the way to go but I have to have milk in my tea so the 7 mugs I have a day are a bit good for me I hope, but not as good as drinking it black so they say

Enjoy your choc. my friend.


Chocolate addict, that's me.

My daughter started it all - Lindt- 70% cocoa - lovely!!

the trouble is I got to a stage where I had to have it first thing; coffee and chocolate.

It went on for 4 weeks then I had to stop. Then my friend gave me 250gr block - gone in 2 days. So I said to her, please, do not give me any more. My body feels heavy and my face is full of blemishes and sallow looking. It is fat, sugar, cocoa and perhaps couple of other things they put in without telling us.

But.. yum! what a treat***

I always have chocolate in the house--as if I feel like it I have it--sometimes it lasts for many weeks and sometimes it last a few hours

I'm chocolated out! Only ate half of it, tucked the rest into the fridge. Gee it felt good though. Although, I must admit that I'm not so full of my usual vigor.

I have had the fancies for Magnums this week and last--have had 7 so far

Not into the ice cream stuff myself, can do without it. Give me chocolate every time

Sometimes I am into just Chocolate --other times Ice Cream--other times whatever--so I like to be able to eat what I fancy

I've been very good this morning. The mulberry tree is in fruit, so have been hunting in and out of the branches, just getting those lovely dark red, almost black ones to have for breakfast. Almost as good as chocolate.

How nice the last time I saw one growing in the street I got stained shoes / face and hands but still got enough for a pie

It's my neighbours tree, but enough branches are hanging over to have a feast. Remember my son climbing up my neibours tree once - he came home, clothes, face so full of stains - no Preen then.


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