Dame Vera Lynn, what a woman.

[quote] Dame Vera Lynn yesterday became the oldest living artist to make it into the Top Twenty.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1210072/Dame-Vera-Lynn-storms-20-CD-timeless-tunes--making-popular-rockers-U2.html#ixzz0Pj8GZGAM



I always loved her songs and voice--still do--I had no idea she was still with us--I really will have to get that disc--boy she sure looks great IF that is a recent pic of here

Nor did I realise she's still around.

I read on another forum she still visits ex servicemen and women, so I'd guess that is a fairly recent photo.

Not sure if you have broadband, but if you do, have a listen to ""We'll meet again".


Tugged at my heartstrings.

koko--I just loved and still do love all her songs--I think I will buy the disc--those typeof songs were real--something that you could relate to--she sure looks great for that age.

i love her singing too - she had a great voice. is great she is still around

Great to learn she is still around.I have recently bought a cd with her songs,what a great voice.

I am an avid fan of Vera Lynn; I have many CD’s that I downloaded from the internet. www.pcdon.com .

A great voice indeed. So glad to hear she is still around.


Nice link.

Thanks Charles2. :-)


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