Cruising on QE2

I mentioned in another post that an acquaintance of mine had cruised on the QE2 and would not sail on it again.

Spoke to her on Sunday and the problem was not the ship but those who sailed in it.

On her cruise she said it was quite noticeable the different "class" structures.

This lady is of British origin but she said she did not like what she saw.

Not a friendly ship...but that was the cruise she was on.  Others may have a different opinon on the QE2.

I am only passing on what she said.

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I did....

Only know what I read saw in those links. Radish may be able to fill you in on the rest of the segment.


Ann..I did watch "A Current Affair" last night and one thing is certain (to me anyway) not travel on a cruise ship from Australian shores with the majority of passengers being young Australians..

Fighting..drunken behaviour..vomit all over the place..stench..just disgusting stuff..

Before the darts my comments..let me say..I have never heard of this behaviour from cruise ships leaving European shores..Correct me if I am wrong..

I always thought Royal Carribbean was one of the better ones..but last night's viewing has certainly put me off..

Hi Thea.

I am not at all surprised, we found the same.....

We have seen young  kiddies as young as 7 playing in the lifts at midnight. Probably their parents were drunk.

But we blame the on shore management, as I have mentioned before.  If they sell the cabins dirt cheap and rely on making up the pennies with drink, then that is what they will get, drunks.

Personally we think they are shooting themselves in the foot.  The more they sell cheap cabins the more issues they will get.

Australia is over crowded with cruise ships these days.

We have on been on Royal C once, I rather liked it.  No issues with that cruise.

What we wanted was a simple two week cruise ex Fremantle and back to Fremantle.

But the last two experiences have put us off doing that again!

Anybody been on the True North Kimberley cruise?

No I have not RnR but have seen docos on it and it looks good but very expensive I think?

I haven't RnR but I know 2 different couples who did and couldn't fault it, in fact one who had Polio wears a Caliper said normally she might have to miss out on rougher walking trips but was thrilled that a hie up a gorge that she would miss out on they used the on board helicopter to take up to the top those who wouldn't be able to do the climb, she was also able to do the snorkelling from the ship the food was fantastic and passengers could go off fishing for very fresh fish meals, nothing too much trouble for the crew. I think it cost about $20,000 each but she said the one cruise like that was worth far more than 4 cheaper ones any time. 


Friends in Probus club have been...gave a talk on their trip about 6 months ago...yes it was fantastic and it costs around $1000 a day.

As Viv said people with disabilities are catered for...nothing was too much trouble for the crew.


Friends of ours have RnR, they loved it and intend to go again, the photo's they brought back were nothing less than amazing, I would love to do it but we are not sea faring folk, I wouldn't see a thing believe me....

Thanks all for your comments ... much appreciated.

RnR, you will enjoy the trip, I love the Kimbery's and to see the 'outside' of it would be unbelievable. We've been to the Horizontal Falls but flew there by plane, that alone was a fantastic experience....

Now this looks more like it!


I thought you would be interested in this story I found on MSN: Cunard's Queen Elizabeth



Image result for formal wear male and female cartoonImage result for sophisticated smart casual dress cartoon 

Hope I am not repeating myself.

But I did bring this situation up with Princess about 10 years ago now.

They suggested going on a longer cruise as the riff raff only go on the shorter cruises due to the cost.

Sounds snobby but when they sell tickets for  $700 for a ten day cruise it starts to make sense.

Met a couple four days ago that love going on Cunard.  They say they will be going again, the way they spoke about it, it was very tempting.    They are regular cruises.


Comes highly recommended from me too...I love the formal dressing for dinner each night..

Very traditional and I love that...

Yes we like it, but most men these days don't like the formality of a dinner suit Thea.

Hubby has taken his only to find he and one other was wearing one, so the next formal night he didn't wear it.

P & O Australia I would not recommend.   They are very sloppy in their dress codes which is a shame when they mention 'formal'  I think they need to stop having so called 'formal' nights.  They seem to refer to them now as 'cocktail' evenings. They definitely need to know thier clientel.  They are more like boose cruises!


When we first arrived in WA and attended our first Opera performance at The husband wore black tie (which was quite normal in the UK) and caused a minor sensation!

Happy to say..he started a trend !


Thea - Many years ago we were invited to see the Russian Ballerina Maya Plisetskaya at the Regent Theatre here in Sydney. She was dancing in a Masterclass with 6 male dancers. She danced to Bolera and she was fantastic, I believe she was in her late 50's. Anyway friends said we should dress up so my sister in law lent me her fur coat. I felt very special. When we got there I was amazed to see most paople in casual attire, jeans and runners. I felt very out of place. Let's bring back culture! lucky you were to see Maya Plisetskaya close up! I saw her dance only once in London..I remember how as poor students we all saved up to get some of the best seats..but sadly she had to rush off after the performance so we couldn't go backstage..

                     Image result for maya plisetskaya

Here's a video you might enjoy of her dancing the Dying Swan at 61 !!

The film is a little bit dark but still enjoyable..

As for "bringing back culture"..I'm with you all the way..although I love my trackies and runners...I just love dressing up for a special event...






Through the haze of time, I can remember wearing gloves,  a hat and stockings if I was going into the city for a shopping expedition!

Image result for ladies  elegances  hats and gloves  of the 60s   Image result for ladies  elegances  hats and gloves  of the 60s

I have always believed when women lower their standards the males follow and the world is not the nicest of places because of it.

We want comfort and have lost style and elegance because of it.

Image result for ladies  elegances  hats and gloves  of the 60s     Image result for ladies  elegances  hats and gloves  of the 60s

 Is it too late to lift our standards as women?



Oh's never too Hola said "bring back culture"..

I'm going to a wedding next week and usually I prefer wide brimmed hats..but the other day I bought a new hat which looks similar to this one....

When I first saw it..I thought that would never suit me..but it does and hubby loves's not black but a delicate ivory..

Image result for pill box hats

This Thread was about cruising!  LOL

I can imagine it would suit you Thea you are petite.

I used to wear floppy wide brim or Bredon styles.

Cannot remember when I last wore a hate that was for fashion, today I only wear a head covering to keep the sun off me.

Perhaps this is were we changed, we use suncream with a high factor to save our skins, unlike our mothers that wore hats.

Enjoy your wedding!

Thea -  That film of the late Maya, I believe she died at age 86, was absolutely breathtaking. I think she danced Swan Lake better that Dame Margot Fonteyn. So supple in the arms. I saw a film on her once and she was on a train going to somewhere in Russia and she was doing her warm-up exercises.  It puts me to shame.

Love the new hat Thea, very posh.  Even when we look at photos of Models posing in the olden days, they still looked elegant, today just have a look at the models, they stand with their legs crossed looking like they want to go to the toilet. 

Glad you enjoyed the video Hola..:)

Can't wait to wear the new hat!!


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How lovely..looks as if all those rumours were just that..I think Melania is finding herself and enjoying it...good on her!

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