Cruising and purchasing drinks package prior to embarkation

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Has anyone prepurchased their wine before they cruised.??

Seems like a good idea.  In past we have bought as we required not being big drinkers but thinking of purchasing a number of bottles (we usually only drink a half bottle these days and as cruisers know they keep the bottle for you for the next night).


As a frequent cruiser I don't think the drink packages are worth the money you pay for them, unless you are a heavy drinker, drink packages vary by ships and cruise lines you use, but on average they are about $80 per day per person, you can't get bottles of wine in a normal drink package, the normal drink package only allows you to receive drinks to the value of $9 so that would mean that you have to drink more than 8 drinks per day before you would benifit from the drink package. So I guess you would need to weigh up the ammount you think you will be drinking per day, not forgetting on shore days you are still charged the full ammount of your drinks package.

My wife and I cruise frequently (Princess only) and do not drink alcohol and very little cola. My wife drinks bottled water only onboard and this, too, they will keep for you after a meal if unfinished. So, unless you are a boozer or a colaholic, there is little value to the packages.

Thanks for the replies.    There is an option of purchasing 5 bottles prior to cruising  for an amount less than you would pay if you purchased "on" the ship.

That may be the way to go for us.

Just found via an online cruising forum that the option of purchasing 5,7,10 bottles prior to cruising is no longer available.

Royal Caribbean quietly did away with it last year sometime apparently.

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