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i have recently joined up on about seniors, and am interested in doing a cruise in feburary to new zealand, from melbourne,i found on this website a page where people have put there names up that r interested in certain cruises
if is interested in the same cruise, please feel free to email me at
[email protected]
regards vicki


gee, its 3 years later nearly 4, and never heard a thing, and here i am still wanting to do this cruise in feb 2013 from melbourne............looks like its just going to b a dream!!!

There are many ways to meet people on a cruise at the different activities the do. Also make sure you are included on a table for 8 or more at dinner so you can meet people over the course of dinner. The cruise line should also hook you up with fellow ship mates. via the Internet before you go. A lot of people go online to meet people and then have the pleasure of meeting you in real life plus you can make sure they are people with similar interests to you.

I have booked to go to New Zealand on 15-12-2012    leaving from Melbourne so I can have Christmas on the ship instead of going to relations


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