Credibility in politics

Credibility in politics is not looking good for either party
The government's backflip on the ETS which was supposed to be the most important thing in our time and the problems perceived by some by the introduction of a new mining tax.

Then the opposition leader admitting he was a liar (well that was the truth).
Then Tony's reply to the budget where he spent 25 minutes using a lot of words but not actually saying what the opposition would do if elected and the last 5 minutes of the speech saying how he would cut the public service, but no details on that.
Tony said Joe Hockey would reveal all the detail at the National press club.

Now I always thought Joe would be the next Liberal leader but now I wonder.
Joe Hockey's speech did not contain any concrete detail on the savings, a task that was left to finance spokesman Andrew Robb, who briefed journalists on the cuts after Mr Hockey left.

Joe said that axing measures funded by the mining tax is a saving - huh ?

Credibility in politics is at an all time low.

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"Yes and the greens and all others but the Libs and Lab can

promise all as they will never rule"

What do you mean PlanB? Labor holds all 5 Federal Seats in Tassie

& has formed the State Government. If that is not ruling, I don't know

what is.

innes, I think the word "but" in PlanB's comment means "except"

Yes and the greens and all others but the Libs and Lab can promise all as they will never rule


I worded that badly--I meant the Greens and other minor parties--can promise all because they will never rule

You do have to remember to word things very carefully

for Mr Innes to understand.

Clever fwed and the rest of us got it o.k. PlanB and you are right.

Just another clanger for Mr. Innes ;-)

Pommy stated:-

" I agree Gizmo, it is an appalling system, and the only people who can change

it are the people who benefit from the current system"

Very true, but think it through, a little more Pommy. The Legal gerrimander

will always favour Labor & never Liberal. On that basis, I am somewhat

surprised that the Liberal Party didn't make a very popular move to get rid of

preferential voting, whilst they controlled both Houses. We have a system where

Rudd is on the nose with a lot of Labor voters who will now vote Green & probably

push Rudd over the line again. Just look at Bass in Tasmania. The Libs

outpolled labor by over 4,000 primes & still lost the seat by a relative landslide.

In the last election, Tassie had a swing towards Labor of less than half that of

any other States & still whiped out Liberal completely

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