Couples turn to the bedroom for lockdown 'relief'

You're shopping more online and that's not restricted to groceries and alcohol. Data from adult retailer Sexyland shows big increases in couples-related games, pleasure and fetish items and massage oils across Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

Victoria registered the biggest increases in transactions for toys and fetish items - and had a strong taste for costumes and lingerie. NSW had more interest in massage oils and body care. Couples games were popular in all three states.

Sexyland compared shopping data from all three states for the month of April, before the onset of the latest lockdowns, to the past month while much of the country has been locked in their homes. More than two thirds of sales (68 per cent) during that time were made via a home-delivery service.

Rebecca Grech, national marketing manager for Sexyland, said the purchasing data was a good sign that people, especially couples, were using these tough times to strengthen and explore their own intimacy and wellbeing.

Have you explored a more diverse range of activities in the bedroom during lockdown?


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