Cottage in Northern Thailand $400 a month available J,A,Sept

A nice little two storey cottage is available in a rainforest garden near Chiang Rai when I go home to Oz for a while. $400 per month covers rent, power, laundry and internet. It is small and basic, but very pretty. Thailand is hot most of the time, and the outdoor kitchen might baffle some foreigners, but if you are adventurous, this is a great place to stay. You can fly to Chiang Rai direct from Bangkok, and get a 30 day visa on arrival. It is available in July, August, or September.


You would have to pay me $400 per day to go to Thailand.

Sounds delightful!  Already booked a trip for July, so maybe next time, I will looking at Asian countries to retire in as I will not be able to live in Australia when I retire in a few years!  

I have just come back from a month in Thailand and this offer sounds pretty good to me. The old saying "dont knock it unless you have tried it" certainly applies here.


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