I honestly don't know what is wrong with this government. They have been playing catch-up with this Coronavirus dilemma since its inception. Our border security is a farce. The measures they are taking now should have been enforced at the outbreak of this pandemic and we wouldn't have the problem we now have in Australia.


II am not a fan of this government, but I will just say, hindsight is a very good thing, when trying to find faultcwith others.

They have acted responsibly by not letting politics stop them from adpting strategies that worked for the Labor Party during the GFC.  They, like most of us, did not realise how cowardly and selfish and downtight stupid some of Australias citizens  are.

Herd stupidity is something that is hard to compensate for.  Australia is obviously not the clever country.

The lucky clever country?  Given that China and Asia are our biggest trading partners with a record of epidemics and pandemics a reasonable person would expect our governments (Labor or Liberal) to be prepared for epidemics and pandemics with strategies and plans including adequate medical facilities and secure supplies.

Our borders are too porus e.g. Ruby Princess during an emergency.  If there is to be a lock down it should be comprehensive nationally with clear unambigous rules not peicemeal sate by state like the present.

As for the WHO they are useless as breasts on a bull.     

So, hihosilver, what are your ideas on what needs to be done and how would you go about implementing those ideas. Give us a cost and benefit analysis, a projected result of your actions and a timeframe as to when those results can be measured. And, hihosilver, while you're at it can you tell us what your qualifications are to make such plans? Or would you like some cheese and biscuits with your whine?

Tsk tsk

Don't forget we live in a democracy.

The laws passed on the run during this disaster would normally take 6 months to get through (at least).

People were still saying "nah the flu is worse than this" in my face just a few weeks ago and are now running around screaming with 400 toilet rolls under their arms.

This is a disaster but its not the pollies fault in my view and let me point an unhappy finger at those trying to tear us apart rather than putting their efforts into pulling us together.

They started off fast with the quarentineing of travelers from China and some other asian destinations (Christmas Island and NT mining camps). Then they lsot the message and mish mashed with half measures which allowed people to make up their own interprations of what isolation meant.  They should have kept mandatory quarentine for all travelers returning to Australia.

Then there was the NSW Govenments decision to alllow the Ruby Princess to berth and disembark passengers without testing.  No testing or temprature checks at either ships docks or airport disembarcation?

Now the happy clapper is invoking Gods help and using Moses parting of the Red sea as motivation??? Spare me!


The Australian tax payers expect the Government to help Australians in this time of crises.  Companies with overseas workers should not receive tax payers funds for those workers, after all they wont be here to pay it back.

Fail to understand the Qantas boss calling Virgin an overseas company when Qantas is owned by overseas investors also.


Strange times, hope we all stay healthy untill this pandemic is under control.

In SA Police are being given the addresses of people that are supposed to be in self isolation at home. The people on list are not to leave home unless they are going to a Medical Appt. or other genuine reason. Police have kept a list of people who weren't home and are following up on those. No doubt they will check on many  people at least twice. A lot of people still have symptoms for nearer to 3 weeks.

Allowing foreign ships passengers and crew to disembark in our ports is welcoming a spread of the virus and taking up ICU beds and putting a strain on a system which will soon be overloaded. The vessels should be made to return to their home port.


Dabbydoos, I do not think it is good idea to close our ports to ships of any description. Consider where we are and how long it would take a ship to transit to their home port. This virus can be serious, even deadly, within a few days of infection. I suggest the idea to force a ship and crew and/or passengers to put to sea for many days, even weeks, and out of reach of appropriate medical attention, is patently inhumane and contrary to basic principles of civilised behavior. By all means impose strict quarantine procedures but do not knowingly send them in harms way and out of reach of help.

The same can be said of the ships which are currently refusing to leave Australian waters. Would any of us want to put ourselves in danger by leaving a safe haven and go out to the open sea. I think not.


Horace Cope pull down your skirt your politics are showing.

It's not a matter of politics, floss, both sides of politics are working to save as many of us as they can from this insidious virus and it annoys me that people like hihosilver have nothing useful to add to the debate. It's easy to sit on the sidelines and snipe without coming up with a sensible, workable alternative to assist and I challenged that lack of alternative not the fact that there was a swipe at the government.

I wonder if the present Government looked at the Australia Health Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza (AHMPPI) which is a living dicument regulary updated and refinded to make sure they keep up with current ideas and evidence.  Peter Dutton signed off on latest update 2019.  Interesting reading actually and had been mentioned by a panelist on the Drum tihs week who said the plan was not followed taking too long for appropriate actions to be taken and spread of Convid-19 could have been lessened.

Well said  HC far to many crittics out there and not enough answers

It is good to see both the major parties working together for a change

...sick and tired of the parliament  carrying on like the kindergarten.

I agree i would not let my kids watch parliament they are blatantly wasting taxpayers money. Money for acting like a bloody mob of chimpanzes.disgracefull behaviour even for chimps

Yes you are being a bit offensive to the chimps ;)

Of course we could have a Government like they have in Phillipines

"Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has warned violators of coronavirus lockdown measures they could be shot for causing trouble and said abuse of medical workers was a serious crime that would not be tolerated.

In a televised address, Duterte said it was vital everyone cooperated and followed home quarantine measures, as authorities try to slow the contagion and spare the country’s fragile health system from being overwhelmed.

The Philippines has recorded 96 coronavirus deaths and 2311 confirmed cases, all but three in the past three weeks, with infections now being reported in the hundreds every day."


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