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I don't know about you folks but I'm sick of tennis / golf / motor racing / cricket on the tv all day long. I hate watching sport but love playing sports.

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As there is so much advertising on TV these days I become annoyed when the ads are ruined by snippetts of a programme being inserted at various intervals. (lol)   (^_^)

Mak,, get a recorder and record all and flick through the ads--I never watch anything live any more

It good advice from Plan B I took it 2 or more years back now and we never watch live except News - simply record all and watch with fast forward thorugh the ads, unfortunately for us and good for them we can still regnise them and they are getting worse - most times you cant work out what they are advertising or with cars as said - too much like Brands Hatch in its heyday of races and mad daredevils.

Panasonic I got the 250GB but should have gone for 500GB.

Now of course half the price I paid due to high dollar so if you want one dont delay dollar is on its way down and new stock may be more expensive

Don't pay for books because they are available free

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