connecting the generations through sewing....

Weird request…. I have a vision of becoming an amazing maker of clothes by sewing pieces of material together in which I invent the pattern to suit my body, choose the material and colour of course (obsessed with my colours). I have so many ideas but am hampered by the overlocker eating away my seam allowance and wonky seams, and this is when I’m following a pattern.

The desire to make clothes is purely to make them for myself (i.e. no desire to bring out a label or anything) – have done a short course at RMIT and it was ok but i think there is something / someone more fitting to help me on my clothes making journey.

I have another dream of befriending an older lady where we can share stories and I can learn wisdom from her and she can even listen to some of my stories.

So I was thinking wouldn’t it be great if I could combine these dreams by meeting an older lady (70+) that knows how to sew and is wise. We could sew together and she could tell me some wisdom and I could give her my perspective on life all whilst we sip cups of tea and she explains how to get the tension right so my seams stay straight.

ps. Ideally the wise lady would be an INFP because generally speaking i get along with them easier, however this is totally negotiable ;) :p


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