Concentrated dish wash and disinfectant

I wonder have others realised (taken me a long time I have to admit) but because this is Savings Month it being March and no spending on anything not absolutely necessary :) I decided to buy the little bottles of disinfectant and put each into a 2 litre bottle and fill with water and shake and walla 2 litres for less than $1 - how good is this?
Also the same with dish washing detergent (not the dish washer stuff) just for when you use the sink I mean, it is SO cheap and just add the little bottle to a 2 litre bottle of water and it is great.
Even if we only save $3 a week that is $12 a month so works out a saving of and $156 a year and there are SO many other ways to Simple save and such fun.
For cleaning the bath good old Velvet soap on a cloth and get in there and just a bit of elbow grease and your bath will shine and the surface not taken off with abrasive other cleaners.
o.k. o.k. no need to throw things at me I am only trying to help. I need others ideas also.
Sometimes places like Priceline and The Reject Shop and Rivers etc. have big specials
If we let each other know how much money could we save?__________________________
______________________________________________________much lol


I actually use dish washing detergent to clean the shower--or the Spray and wipe--as if it dissolves grease etc it has to do the same in the shower--but like you say Phyl the old bar soap is a good stand by for all things--we used to wash the Dogs with it--and our hair--years ago--and do the washing up with it ---I still like to use it to wash myself with it as I don't like perfumed soaps

Just an add on here. You know how many ends of soap we end up with? If you keep them and then when you have quite a few whiz them up in your whizer with some warm water and walla a litre of hand wash free.....You can even add some Sorbaline to it so you have the soft as a baby's hands :)

Yes Phyl that is a great idea--

Seggie.  When there's just a bit of tomato sauce left in the bottle, a friend told me she puts a teaspoon of plum or any sort of jam or marmalade in the bottle plus 1/4 cup of worcestshire sauce. Said it's wonderful as a barbecue sauce. I haven't tried it yet but if anyone does, tell us all.


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