Christmas in July for older Australians

More than 130 Meals on Wheels clients will enjoy a two-course Christmas lunch thanks to culinary students from William Blue College of Hospitality Management at Torrens University.

The College has been involved in the annual Christmas in July and December Christmas lunches for Sydney’s Meals on Wheels clients for the last five years.

According to Jason Hannah, one of the educators at the college, it’s a humbling experience to prepare lunch for the Meals on Wheels clients, some of who rarely have the opportunity to enjoy a restaurant-quality meal during an afternoon outing.

“Many of the clients are older Australians who are socially isolated. They may not have families or loved ones around, so it’s really important to us to host this celebration and provide them with a sense of community and belonging.

“Together with the Rotary Club of North Sydney, North Sydney Council and the Crows Nest Centre, we’re creating this event so that the clients can celebrate the festive season in July, which is synonymous with joy, friendship and great food. They deserve to be spoiled with a delicious meal prepared by our student chefs.”

According to Denise Ward from the Crows Nest Community Centre, the Christmas in July lunch is a significant event for Meals on Wheels clients as it is an opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces and enjoy a festive day.

“This annual event creates a sense of community connection for our clients, which they often miss out on during the year. Jason Hannah and his team of students do an extraordinary job in creating a bountiful and delicious meal, set amongst Rotary’s wonderful Christmas-themed dining room.”

Have you had a Christmas in July celebration this year? Are you planning one?


I've had a new years eve party on 30th June but wouldnt even contemplate going to a Christmas Party in July. What the???

Great to see the folks getting two special days. Good on you William Blue!

I certainly enjoy our Seniors Christmas in July luncheon.  As we have different activities on different days sweet do not meet everyone, but we all come together on this occasion.   I discovered a couple of friends from another club belonged to my seniors club and it has bought us closer.

My girl’s group look forward to our Christmas in July lunch.  Lovely hot Christmas dinner, even better if there’s a fireplace.  Just brightens up winter.   Much better than a hot dinner in December!

Somehow 'Christmas in July" does not resonate with me. I am Australian and Christmas is in the middle of summer when it is usually warm to hot and sometimes wet but never cold. A Christmas BBQ around the pool is more my style. I can understand people from northern europe pining for the the colder weather celebration but not me. Next thing will be being inundated with on-line pleadings from retailers to purchase elaborate 'christmas gifts' for Christmas in July. Count me out, but if you enjoy 'Christmas in July' them all the best to you.

I used to love Christmas in July when I first arrived in Australia. I believe most Brits did. Now I don't bother too much preferring to celebrate in December in the cool of the evening with a Christmas dinner instead of lunch!

I like Christmas in July but haven't been to one in recent years. I remember when I was young how excited mom's probus club was when July approached. Here's a bit of history Sophie: 

                            Christmas in July

Accidentally, one winter evening in 1977 a tradition was established in the "Blue Mountains", which are only two hours drive from the centre of Sydney, NSW, when a group of Irish visitors, experienced a fall of snow. It reminded them of Christmas back home so they asked the management if they could arrange for them to have a traditional Northern hemisphere winter-style festive dinner.

The next night they were served their hot Christmas dinner, complete with all the trimmings, and were so delighted that the group returned again the following year.

In 1980 the Blue Mountains commenced a winter attraction titled A Yulefest Celebration which runs for the months of June, July and August, the coldest months of the year.

Tourists staying overnight enjoy the delicious Yulefest dinners, roaring log fires and might be lucky enough to experience the occasional winter snowfall or a visit from Santa.

This winter entertainment has spread to many parts of Australia as "Christmas in July" where a Christmas style function is held.

It takes the form of a lunch or dinner with all the traditional northern hemisphere Christmas foods including colourful streamers, party hats and whistles.

Was a teenager and in my 20s in the 1970s and cannot recall any mention of ‘Christmas in July’ as being part  of mainstream Australian culture back then ....but very likely it may have been confined to some older generation cliques....however almost certain my parents knew nothing of if...

And like I said previously have only heard it bandied about very randomly in conversations over the past 20  or even less years, and am struggling to recall anyone I know personally who has actually attended a Xmas in July event to be honest..


Spot on KIAH. It started in the late 1970’s by hotelier Garry Crockett, at the Fairmont  resort in the Blue Mountains and very well known among Sydneysiders. We’ve been there several times. It’s only an hour and a half drive from Sydney, takes us longer as we usually pick up a couple of friends in Penrith. We were there last week and had a great time as usual. Great food and atmosphere.

It sure is RnR, we love going there.


Seems an incredibly recent fad in Oz and can’t recall any mention of it prior to say 20 or maybe even less years ago...Have never actually been to such an event ...Have a love hate relationship with Xmas at the best of times  but much prefer it only the once...December 25th

Agree Shetso

just another recent fad

Following America as usual .... the business likes it as extra cash gets splashed.


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