Chinese high roller hunting wombats in Australia


This is heartbreaking and WHY is this allowed

PB - this has been ongoing now for a few years!  Crown Casino here in Melbourne came under scrutiny again last year for enticing "High Rollers" from Asian countries to go on these ghastly hunts as part of their "High Roller Package" - disgusting!!!

I'm pretty sure that Crown decided to stop this as they got too much back-lash from the public!  Who knows if they really did or not tho' - that is the question?

Thanks, Foxy for that info -- I only found out about it a few weeks ago -- I ask WHY is this allowed and WHY is it not on the media!?

Like all, I guess the main media treats us like mushrooms -- tells us what THEY want us to know,  we have to find the truth by searching.


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