I am planning to go on an organised 15 day trip to China end of April.   Just wondering if anyone has been there recently and if so, what they thought of it. 


Not a traveller, can't help.  I'm sure it'll be an interesting trip.

I have been there more than a dozen times in the last 5 years gustacian.  Last time October past for 3 weeks.  Although it is for business, obviously I love it.  I think that generally speaking, the organised tours are a rip off, although it gives you a safe way of visiting some of the Western Cities that I would not be game to visit alone.  If you would like to forward your itinerary, I would be happy to comment.

Thanks I'll do that tomorrow

Cities we will be flying into and out of are Guangzhou, Xian, Shanghai, Beijing with 13 nights accommodation in 4 star hotels with all meals.  Seeing the Terra Cotta Warriors, museums, Bell tower and Ancient City Wall.  Going to Hangzhou for a boat cruise on the West Lake.  Go to Wuzhen and Suzhou.   Sight see Shanghai then off to Beijing for a tricycle tour and Peking Duck.  Tour Beijing with a visit to Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and see Kung Fu show.  Go to Great Wall at Juyongguan Path, visit the Sacred Path of Ming Tombs.  Visit the Summer Palace and go to Beijing Olympic site including the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube.

Then back to Guangzhou for a city tour.  Apparently there is supposed to be good shopping there.  Then back to Australia.  $3000.00 twin share (not sure if going to go April or September now).

What do you think Innes?


It sounds very much like a Wendy Wu tour gustation.  She is expensive but a great organiser.  Guangzhou is great for shopping but don't wander around the streets at night.  Xian is very modern University City & the only City in China where hardly anybody speaks English, but it is all worthwhile to see the Warriers.  I spend most of my time in Shanghai, which is an amazing City.  Make sure that you spend a couple of hours at the Nanjing markets where you must buy a couple of copy watches, but just walk away until you get them below 150 yuen (about $24)  Only electronic.  Do not buy a self winder at any price.  Go for a walk from the markets down the walking street Nanjing Road to the Bund, about 2 Ks.  You will be offered watches & bags at unbelievable prices on the street, but they are sheer junk.  I could not add anything to the Beijing programme, it is all encompassing.  You will love your cruise of the West Lake in Hangzhou.  It is an artificial lake commonly known as the Lover's Lake  I have actually walked around the perimeter about 34 K's.  From the boat you will get a close look at the dancing water jets.  Very entertaining.  It is not a criticism, but the only difference between the 4 star hotels & the 3 star is the size of the entrance foyer & the rack rate.  I vaguely remember having been to Wuzhen & Suzhou, but I can't remember either of them.  You will enjoy & your husband will love the respect he gets from the well brought up women of China.  They are trained properly, not like the Aussie shielas.  But don't tell Phyl I said so.

Thank you so much for those comments - I will definitely take it all on board.  Looking forward to my trip.


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