Cheap China trip

It has just occurred to me that I have become an expert on budget
travel to China & quite a few on here are interested in travel. If a
minimum of 9 people were interested in accompaning me on my
next trip to Shanghai, I could arrange a 7 to 10 day freewheeling
trip to Shanghai. Whilst I would not have time to escort, I would be
available for advice & tips. My Company has an outstanding deal
with the Mandarin hotel in the Jing-an District of Shanghai, where
we get a discount of around 30% with free American breakfast
thrown in & we usually get very good air fares. It would depend on
just when the trip was planned, but the all up cost excluding meals
other than breakfast, would be just under $1200. Just out of interest,
a good meal at a better restaurant will cost around $7 to $10
without grog. But a 750m bottle of Bud is usually under $3.


Sounds interesting Innes .Does that include air fares or is that just in China costs ,and when would you be thinking of doing this trip.Wobbly.

That would include air fares wobbly, for 7 days & if any were couples, it

would save around $100. If anybody wanted to stay any longer, it would add

around $45 to $50 P/day for B&B at the Mandarin Hotel.

Sorry wobbly, it would be in the non peak times so probably August September.


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