chat room schedules

Gidday troops.
It would seem that a large number of members think a chat room is a good idea, but for various reasons, would prefer not to use it.

Perhaps a schedule may help.

To those who would like to participate in the chat room, please indicate when you may be available, e.g.,

I will be available for the chat room on (day), at (time), and would like to talk about (general subjects) or (specific subjects).

If you need an entrance into the chat room, try this link. You may have to type it into the address field in the task bar.

Get in, start chatting.

If it lets you in, put the link into your "favorites" folder. Works for me.


I am there early in the morning--but tomorrow we are having a power pole updated and we won't have elect' for most of the day--

I like the idea of the chatroom and am keen to participate, but I have plenty to do during the day and would have difficulty sticking to a "schedule". I look at emails and a few bulletin boards during the day (at odd times) and will continue to drop in to the chat room.

If a schedule is set up, I will make an effort to drop in when someone is there.

I have a similar response to kfchugo - I access the computer at varying times, depending on what I am going. However, if I knew people were going to be on there at a specific time I would certaihly make an effort to join in.

Maybe it would be easier if the chat-room was under a heading on the board - just a click away.

The other thing: we live in different States in different time-zones. What is 8 am for you, maybe it is 11 am for me and vice versa.

Lark, that is precisely why I suggested that people drop into the chat room on the hour. If it is say, 10.00 in NSW, it would be 8.00 in W.A., but it would still be the top of the hour. I dont recall the time differences in Adelaide, Darwin etc, but I would think that in most areas, the top of the hour would be the same?

Oops - sorry Kf, I must have overlooked that .... :red:

Of course, you are right, most likely the top of the hour is the top of the hour in any State ...


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