Chat room.

Hi all.
How about having a chat room facility on this webpage. It would certainly speed up communication between members when discussing various matters. It would need several members emailing admin to get this done. Anybody interested?



YES I am interested

sure all ten of you.

Certainly not enough members to justify a chat room

We could always use MSN and give those that want to out hot mail address

I would love to have a chat room. im into it. thanks

I have been to forums where there were not that many people and they had a chat room and it was great

The bottom line is, can Admins. DO a chat room?

I think many femmes. would be happy with a chat room and many of the blokes also.

If it is a reasonable idea to have one, and if Admins. can do it, and it is acceptable to them; could we have one to try please?

I don't bother with chat rooms because of the time difference they are fine if you are in the same time zone but a right pain in the derrier if you are not well thats for me anyway , if someone enjoys them I daresay they would be great

BUT But but Dusty we are nearly all in the same time zone here.

Would you bang your tin cup please against the wall?

Just this once? P.l.e.a.s.e.

Yes a chatroom would be good .I have been a member for some time and always have queries.

It would be great to have a chat room--many other forums have one and there aren't a lot of members

%-P Yes please

Yes please would be great! :-S


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