Centrelink accessing personal bank records

I am on the DSP. I went overseas and had an illness and could not return within the 28 day period and Centrelink stopped my payments.

Centrelink lawyer Roula Allam rejected all the foreign medical records. Today I got an email that Ms Roula Allam ordered my bank to give Centrelink a copy of my bank statements.

Ms Allam alleges as there was a transaction on my card at a London pub then I was fit to travel implying I was drinking at a pub.

Well, I used to give my card to my relatives who did do the food shopping and with my consent did sometimes go out to a cafe or a pub. But Roula Allam is basically accusing me of Centrelink fraud and just because there is a transaction on my bank card she insists, without any proof, that it must have been me at the pub.

I would advise any senior to just withdraw cash here in Australia and overseas as certain Centrelink lawyers are just unreasonable and look for any excuse to accuse decent and honest people of Centrelink fraud.


Centrelink will have full knowledge of your bank accounts and tax

This is nothing new. When it was known as the Department of Social Services, it had full access to all of the bank records. The name has changed but the conditions of access and information gathering has not. When an application for any funds administered by Centrelink was made, a clause allowing them to access the applicant's personal information was in the application form.

I dont think so Plan B I do internet banking and i dont think c/l can or anyone can see that.

They may not see you doing your banking BUT they can have access to your accounts and what goes in or out

Sounds to me you need to contact your local Federal pollie.... you and I are just dirt under "Centrelink's feet", but pollies have a bit more weight..... get him/her on the job!

Yes, i believe you,

When my wife was in Japan i sent her $2000 into her bank account so she could get a ticket home, Before she could get to the bank the tax office took the lot . Even though she had an agreement to pay back eo much a month. Even now we have a $300 debt for tax they say we were over payed in 2018 and she only got the email last week. unbelievable, tax and c/l are so hard for older people to work out and people make honest mistakes and then you have a debt you dont want,

Good luck with getting a politician to do ANYTHING for you

Centrelink DO NOT have access to your bank accounts, they are not able to see the everyday transactions etc. The Commonwealth under the Social Security act can compel a Bank to supply account information including statements if required or if you fail to do so. The Tax Office can garnish an account if you owe money to the Commonwealth. These politicians you speak of that will help you, won't because they drafted the legislation in the first place.


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