Capitol Theatre Sydney Lion King

Can anyone advise what are the best seats at the Capitol. Stalls or Dress Circle.

we'd like to book seats for The Lion King. Unfortunately most of the good seats for the December shows are gone.


I've never been there before.  I grabbed a seat for March pretty soon after the tickets for that month became available but even then there wasn't much left.  I suspect my seat in the third row is too close.  I hope it's not like the Opera House, where the front Stalls seats are shockers.

Saw Lion King at the Lyceum, London in 2011. Had dress circle seats, but felt there were too far back.

this time thinking about getting the stalls but not sure how far back we should sit. The expensive stall tickets are gone, so I figure try and get seats as close as possible to those.

never been to the Capitol. Thanks for your comments.


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