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An incredible Olympic high jump final ended with both Qatar's Mutaz Essa Barshim and Italy's Gianmarco Tamberi taking gold medals.

After an exhausting two-hour competition, the pair couldn't be split, having recorded best clearances of 2.37 metres.

The athletes were offered an opportunity to take part in a jump-off.

But in a moment of sportsmanship, they agreed to share the title, sparking huge celebrations.


Yes, I wiped a tear!


Great way to pass the time!


English diver Tom Daley knitting while watching the diving. Picture: Supplied


Credit: The Australian

hmm, very interesting, wonder what he's making!

Just checking in case it's made of chocolate!

Tom Daley knits special medal pouch after winning Olympic gold

yahoo news

Is that blood on the tip of his sabre?

PHOTO: Alexander Choupenitch of the Czech Republic celebrates defeating Peter Joppich of Germany in the men's individual round of 16 Foil competition at the 2020 Summer Olympics, Monday, July 26, 2021, in Chiba, Japan.

Credit ABC

You bet it is, the Russians don't mess around with ketchup LOL

It's not a sabre. It is  an Epee. (pronounced  epay, the e pronounced as in bed )There is an acute accent over the first and second 'e', as it is French. You wouldn't know what that is, so check it out if you're interested. I know this because  we did fencing at school in UK

Thanks for educating me bro, don't know much about swords, but give me a lasso and I know what to do with it. Last time I lassoed a steer, he dropped to one knee and begged for mercy!

Gorgeous...what a beautiful man!

A male and female flagbearer from tonga walk into olympic stadium in japan. the male flagbearer is not wearing a shirt


Nothing but a how off. What's with all the oil? Are they going to grill him later!

At least he has the body to how off. Just accept different cultures and appreciate it.

Bet his female companion has a better body!

Well done Peter Bol, a credit to Australia!!

an action shot of a group of sprinters on a trackled by australian peter bol and cheruiyot rotich of kenya

credit ABC


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