Can I complain about buying an airline ticket?

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I just navigated my way through the Jetstar website last night. It must be time for a civil action against unfair charges.

As I scrolled through page after page clicking their requirements I would watch the bill on the side going up and up without me agreeing to anything. So the back button became my friend as I found the place to cancel the baggage allowance, the donations, the kids something or other then I had to pay to sit next to my partner and last the unavoidable huge visa charge both ways. They process the sale at the same time. How are there two Visa charges. How is the charge $34! Where is my Bpay option? If something is unavoidable then surely it should be in the list price. If you want a service added then it should be clear and a "yes" "no" button and it should be the first thing you see - not "let's trick the passengers out of their money."

I bought my tickets reluctantly, however the road from Sydney to Melbourne is starting be a preferable option to the horrible feeling I had of being deceived.

I think we need the same legal action that was taken out on the shareholder driven banks aimed at the pointy nose of the airline companies. What do you think?


What I find totally annoying about trying to buy an airline ticket is, when you are informed about the "Specials" which can be purchased until the campaign is over. I quickly go online for the specials to Melbourne and when I try to book a date I am informed it is in January 2017. That's okay if I am wanting to go to the Tennis or visit relations for  the New Year, but anything that  is wanted within 2 weeks, full price., and why is it cheaper to fly to Melbourne and more to   fly to Sydney? same distance same airline? I have given up going by train, 10 hours is too long as one gets older.

Its uphill! hehe


 -  Hahaha, someone said "It depends on which way the wind is blowing".

Just got an email from Singapore advertising flights to Europe and other places from $1300!  I searched, but, nothing for that price, then I looked at the makeup of the bill.  Two people to LHR return $4567 then a jump to $6000 odd, I was flabbergasted.

On the side as stated in this article, was the fare makeup, the crazy stupid charges you are required to pay, airline Ins, excess fuel charge, security charge, in all about 20 listed items of money making crap!

Specials are specials usualy because of the time of year, coupled with routes that need filling lol.  I always fly Virgin, that way I know I get treated well, pay the right price and arrive happy!

Airlines are a law unto themsleves.  If you do not like the annoying add-on charges then you need to check out other carriers.  It is a rip off though and I have found that luggage charges are a real time bomb as the cost of sending an overweight bag can be as much as the ticket on an overseas flight.  One does need to be careful.


HDRider:  Singapoer Airlines was the carrier who had landed with a wing on fire last week.  Good luck there.

No O/S for me these days and none within Aussie either much prefer to drive -- can't be fussed with all the crap you have to go through these days

Yes I agree frustrating! I spent ages going thru page after page after page to book online to Bali, only to get to the end and be told 'this flight does not have an insurance option' Whhhaaaatttt I always purchase travel insurance with my flights! grrr cancelled the whole thing and stayed home! :(

Most frustrating indeed .... sad to cancel a holiday because of annoyance.

BTW gaia ... just love your avatar :)

Thanx Abby 

Yours is v specky, reminded me of my late Mum's fav plant, her hen and chickens fern :)


Well it looks as though the government fixed the visa charges just as Mascot airport car pick up turns into a finacial bonanza. By the time we had walked with the little ones up and down passed closed off crossings and then back then along paths where the distances just couldn't be right we found our lift. So 15 minutes (because we had no idea where to go) cost us $8. We were so close to walking out of the airport area for the pickup I wondered if we just could have kept going to the neighbouring backstreets. The prices are seriously highway robbery.

I choose not to fly budget airlines.  Prefer to pay a bit more with Virgin or Qantas.  If flights are delayed I believe you are treated better.

The old saying "you get what you pay for" is true.  Lots of Jetstar customers not happy in last few days re the strike at airports..not even given a bottle of water.


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