Buying our Country


Like our esteemed leader, we may need to learn how to speak Chinese.

Yes Toot and thats just what they are teaching in the schools--should we ask WHY !

PlanB, you have got to wonder what Bill Heffernan is worried about.

He even states, in his interview, that he does not have any knowledge

of this actually happening. He is only worried that it will.

The reason that we are not able to export fruit & vegitables, is that

we are simply not cost competitive. Buying Australian farm land for

other than meat production, will not alter this situation. It is a simple

fact that farming, is extremely labour intensive, & the cost of labour in

Australia makes us automatically non competitive. Why would a Chinese

Company want to buy land in Australia to grow oranges, when they can

buy them in South America for one fifth the price? Why would a chinese

company want to buy a 10,000 acre farm in Australia, with all the inherant

labour costs, when, for the same amount of money they could buy a

million acres in Cambodia?

I guess less corruption here ?

More here;=hp&q;=Why+would+a+chinese+want+to+buy+farms+in+australia&btnG;=Google+Search&rlz;=1W1DAAU_en&aq;=f&aqi;=&aql;=&oq;=Why+would+a+chinese+want+to+buy+farms+in+australia&gs;_rfai=&fp;=5d33b5be70328b37

PlanB, this is a little from the left field by quoting sites like "abandon

skip" The poster is talking at some length about bringing in Chinese

Labour, at Chinese pay rates. That can't happen under our Labour

Laws. On a one for one basis, the average Australian labourer will

way outperform any Chinese labourer, every day of the week. Nowadays

the Chinese rural worker is paid like a coolie, BUT he doesn't work

like a coolie anymore. Also, I am way removed from being a Rudd fan,

but the facts are that Rudd has reduced the skilled migration by more

than 50% & all but cancelled the unskilled worker immigration. Not the

work of a Cinophile.

Surely Innes you don't think they would pay Aussie wages, they would find some way of bringing their own slave labour ,,To me it is an absolute disgrace for any one from any where to be able to BUY Ausralian land at all and a pox upon the houses of anyone who allows it If you trust politicians of any sort to prevent it , you have more faith in them than I can Muster

They are also buying up homes as well--soon they will own the whole darn country if they are allowed to do this--

Tadpole & PlanB, do you really believe that we are are going to wipe

minimum wages, holiday pay, leave loading & sick pay just to please

the Chinese? There are many very large properties in NW Queensland

& NT owned by Indonesions & not a single Indonesion worker in sight.

I fully agree that NO Country should allow non citizens to buy their property,

but they do. There are, in fact, a lot more Australians owning property in

Shanghai, Beijing & Guangzho than there are Chinese citizens owning

property in Australia. In actual fact, there are a few Chinese citizens buying

home units in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane BUT very few homes, as the

FIRB regulations make it near impossible. The facts come nowhere near to

backing up your arguement.


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