British Election

Thousands of people were deprived of their right to vote last night as polling stations across the UK couldn't cope with the crowds. People all over England are furious because their vote won't be counted, some in critical seats. Never before have so many Brits turned out to vote, it hasn't happened for years. It gives you an idea of how worrying things are over there in Europe, particularly with the mad Greeks running riot and murdering their fellow citizens. Naturally they are furious about the wage and pension freeze and increased taxes to pay for their stupid government's error in giving them false deficit figures for years - now they have to bite the bullet and take the consequences. I wonder how much debt the Brits are in - Kevin Rudd take note.


That's a shame and unbelievable that people were denied their right to vote.

There's no excuse for that. You'd think that legally people can demand re-vote?

Mara, they should demand it.

Once the results are in and right now with only 56 seats to go it does look as if they are like Tasmania hung and stuck with Labor - then they do have the right to challenge the result in their seat where they were denied a vote.

I find it strange that they vote on a weekday and not a Saturday and the polling booths stayed open to 10pm but they didn't allow for so many voting and ran out of ballot papers or couldn't cope with the numbers and Nick Clegg Lib Dems wants our system of compulsory voting and preferences instead of first past the post as it once was! Silly man only wants power like the Greens here - Labor promised never to share any arrangements and then gave the Green leader in Tassie and his partner a place each in the Cabinet saying not an agreement but an arrangement with two private individuals even if one is the Greens Leader! Get real and Gordon brown will do the same with Nick Clegg for sure to cling onto power.

Unless the Conservatives get 326 seats they will not be able to govern and Labor will be given the first go at government and will have to try to form some sort of share arrangement too and then go through the motions we just went through here in Tasmania.

286 Con 235 Labour 50 Lib Dems and only now 52 seats to go.

I am finding this very hard to follow BigVal. I thought our system

of preferential voting was crazy, BUT GB !!!

It seems to be the concensus that Gordon Brown will make it,

but the pound stirling is holding up quite well ???

Innes I had to laugh when I heard that one of the reforms the Lib Dems want is to change to our preferential system thinking that because they get around 23% of the vote they will do better.

Ha ha bloody ha - sorry but they will do worse if reform to our way ever comes to pass as the greens here do badly in lower houses as the preferences will go back and forth Greens/Labor here - Lib Dems/Labor there as they are more left wing and Labour like the Greens here so in the end Labour and Gordon Brown have found the magic bullet to save the day and today when GB announced his going in September it was all over bar the shouting. Shame really for Brits not getting enough Conservatives in to pay down their trillions in deficit and debt ! Wont last the 5 years and could go the way of Greece if not pulled in on spending and immigration which being left wont be. Cut down on those living there before stopping more Labour left wing voters coming in.

I much prefer their system of first past the post as Greens or some other party here would have lower house seats if it operated as it was meant to do and did before tweaking to suit the pollies - British ones have to go ask each and every voter to vote for him/her,

Instead of taking us for granted as they do here even in election mode as work out who votes what and left having spent years teaching kids to be lefties and suffer guilt for having been born in a rich white society which worked hard to get there and teaching them white guilt over the aborigines and refugees and don't even ask or else called a racist!

I am sure too they know who votes what and take for granted those voters will stay for ever and most do, particularly our older ones who still think the ALP is there for them pensioners, battlers and working folk when they tell them daily only there for 'working families' or Kim Beasley -'middle class' - maybe they kid themselves they are middle class? Cant kid themselves they are working families! And according to the Ken Henry Report stay at home mums and age pensioners are unproductive units - cheeky sod - and should all be paid the dole level only.

Britain is in a pickle - actually I think the solution is that they go to the pools again so those who missed out get to vote and hold it on a Saturday as we do - silly sods trying to fit in all those who work in the evening! Good thing it is not compulsory as never would be able to fit in 100%. They wont and will struggle on and be at an early election just as we will down here in Tassie with a Labor/Green government that will fall out and that business has no confidence in so investments and jobs will dry up as always. Individuals may stick to voting Labor - bet the swinging voters and business will not. problem is they punish Labor by voting Green which means Labor anyway! What a stupid joke on those who just want a good place to do business and get on with life and plan.

Even a quiet life on the pension earned by paying income taxes whilst working and now thinking due a rest - seems some think not.


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