Breaking News - Richard Di Natale resigns

This just popped up on my news alert, then disappeared just as quickly. I can't find it again. 

It didn't say much else, apart from a short history, just - more to come.  Has anyone else seen this?


Yep, it's true found it again.  Leaving for the usual 'family' reasons. 

Adam Bandt or Larissa Waters are the most likely replacements.  I hope it's Larissa Waters, not that I have anything against Adam Bandt but I do like Larissa.  



Apparently his younger son Ben was complaining about never seeing him and he also wants to support his wife's career since she has supported his for the last 10 years.

It's a surprise and I feel sorta sad he is going. I think he was a good leader, always rational and steady. I too like Larissa Waters but also like Adam Bandt. Both would be very active leaders which is what is needed right now. I think the Greens will do very well at the next election. 

He was NO bob Brown ...good riddance to yet another teat sucker.

"Richard Di Natale used taxpayer funds to fly his “manny” to Canberra with his wife and children.

Senator Di Natale, who has previously come under fire for paying foreign au pairs $150 a week for 25 hours’ work plus food and board, says the travel claims were within the rules.

The Australian reports the Victorian senator billed taxpayers for his British nanny Benjamin Whitbred to accompany his wife and children from Melbourne to Canberra for a four-day trip in May 2015.

The trip reportedly cost about $1400 in total.

A spokeswoman from Senator Di Natale’s office told The Australian it was within the rules for both his wife and the au pair to travel on the family allowance as his wife was working during the trip.

lol .....  even worse - Beetroot Baaaaaaaaanaby wants his old job back!!!  Kill me now!!  

I would not be sorry to see McCormack go but would hate to see Barnaby Joyce come back. Seems like all Nats are nutters but BJ would have to be the worst of them. Did you see his drunken Xmas video? Hilarious!


Am I going nutz??? Didn't I read not to long ago old Beetroot face was complaining about the Government in his life too much and wanted them out.

Err.... Barnaby, this is NOT the way to achieve that!


Looks like Adam Bandt is top choice. Oh boy, sinking into the septic tank of Government ministers. Not a good one amongst them that will fight for the people, wildlife, land etc.


Apparently with the Coalition, corruption is the new norm.

True and I am sure there is more to be revealed about the 'sport's rort'. Will it get revealed?...that is the question! 

Nothing more will be revealed, the offender will sit on the back bench for a while and will then be given a plum job somewhere or will be reinstated to the cabinet.

The real story here is the governments attitude that they can do anything they want abd not be held to account for it.

Just because you feel you have the right to do something, does not mean it is the right thng to do.


It would appear Barnaby didn't have the numbers after all.  Too bad, so sad, never mind.  LOL

Poor old bulldog Barnaby! Didn't he tell us that some mysterious thing in the sky is running the show and that we are all "stuffed"? Looks like he too is stuffed, at least for the time being. 

Well, that will keep government a little more out of Barnaby's life LOL.

Yes. Maybe the sky creature is looking after him (or us?) after all :)))

The man and his Party do not seem to have a grip on reality.



.... wouldn't be 100% sure that it is the end of Beetroot Barnaby!  

Chn. 9's Political Corresp. said tonight......."they normally get two goes at it":

1.   They stab in the back!

2.   They go in for the kill!  (and often win!)  Arghhhhh spare me ........



Adam Bandt is the new leader of the Greens.

Yeah, I figured he would be unopposed.  Larissa Waters was tweeting within minutes of Richard Di Natale's announcement that she hoped to remain as co-deputy.  Glad to see she did.


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